PAINT IT - Decorating should be fun and easy! Don't be afraid to buy something "ugly" at the thrift store and recreate it. This frame was an ugly gold color and I just painted it white making it look fresh and new for pennies! Keep it simple!

CREATE - Think outside of the box! I used the above mentioned frame and added a $ Tree quote to it and hung it in my daughters' bathroom. It makes it personal and adds a little flare to the painted frame.

ORGANIZE!! Just clearing clutter and reorganizing can make your home have a new look. I actually painted this closet space and reorganized it. 

CHALK BOARD PAINT is a must in decorating! Even it's not your favorite-it's so stylish that just painting a small item can add a little pizazz to any space.

OLD WOOD elements in a home can make a new home look old. Old doors, windows, furniture-they are classic and never loose their style. They are a very good investment.

PAINTED FURNITURE- if you like a piece but the color is icky-paint it! There are so many simple tutorials online that anyone can do it.  Adding color with furniture is very poplar right now. And it's easy to change if you want a new look-just paint it again!!

PLANTS- bring nature into your home. House plants and trees bring life and fresh air to your home. They can fill a space when you don't know what to put there or can't afford a piece of furniture. Plants are very affordable.

HOME - Make your home YOUR home! Don't completely copy a room from a magazine or from someone else. Make it your own! If you love color, toss it all around your home. I love fresh flowers and plants. I have a neutral palette on my walls so I can interchange my colors and style.

FRAME IT- this is a vintage postcard. Not sure what to do with it but love it-frame it. Anything can be framed like fabric, scrapbook paper, pictures, photo copies, postcards and cards. Be creative!