Southern Farmhouse "Western" Style

 We live in the SOUTH! I would consider Georgia the Deep South but we've also lived in Mississippi which is a true Deep Southern Bible Belt state. 

We live on a 30 acre farm with lots of animals. I like to refer to it as a "zoo" because most days it seems that all I do is care for animals. 

We live in a small house that was built only 13 years ago, so not a historical farmhouse, but a plain house that we are slowly turning into our little farmhouse. 

As I think of decorating our home, I really like to go with simple, clean, white (with a few splashes of color), historical features with touches of farm style. Farm style would consist of old heart pine wood, antiques (but not too many), galvanized metal and cast iron, old quilts, white dishes, enamelware, and SIMPLICITY! 

I was inspired by  KING RANCH www.krsaddleshop.com to discuss how I would incorporate a "western" style of decorating to our southern home. So, let's start with: "there are no rules for decorating YOUR home". You can mix and match any style as long as it's your OWN style! I love Pinterest for ideas but I only pull those simple ideas out that really catch my eye. Yes, you can incorporate any style at any time into your home. In this post I will share simple ideas to help you capture the "western feel" in your home decorating.

Oriental rugs (and this one is not old but sentimental) can add that Nashville vibe to any home. I paired my mama's rug with an old church pew and church window in our foyer to bring together a warm soulful welcome to our home!

This very old quilt was used on my grandparents' bed for as I long as I can remember. Hand stitched quilts and leather with a denim pillow can add just a touch of the west in any room. 

Old wooden crates and boxes are a simple storage solution for dirty riding boots. My daughter uses this crate by her door so she can easily slip off her riding boots without making a mess in her room.

Boots are a great way to add a "little Texan" into your room. I placed a glass vase filled with flowers inside this boot while using a half chap and a metal orb to add texture and depth to this side table. It's a good idea to add layers when decorating-it gives the eye a place to land.

Old quilts make great tablecloths (if you don't mind it getting dirty). Again play with texture and layers. I used a galvanized plate charger with my blue willow dishes on a burlap runner.  Burlap can be incorporated in any style because it is so versatile. It's natural, and bold yet simple.

This is an old hunting sign that came from my husband's home place. Simply framed ( Walmart $3 frame) and hung on the wall adds the hunting, outdoors, sporting motif that describes most "western" styles.

Cowgirl boots add height to any tablescape. Its' a great center piece and it's perfect for jazzing up a vase of flowers. If you want to check out some cowgirl boots, King Ranch has a dedicated page for women's boots. http://www.krsaddleshop.com/subcategory/Womens-Boots

This isn't decor in my home, but our actual barn. I wanted to share the bright turquoise blue color. If you've ever been to Texas, turquoise jewelry is very popular. It's a beautiful color to splash around in any room in your house to give off a vibrate electricity.

 Skulls and horns are very popular right now and super cheap if you have access to a hunt club or land. We found this deer skull on our property and after soaking it in bleach it became a nice western piece on my porch. We use deer horns throughout our house especially for fall decorating.

I absolutely love BLUE! I think I have some variation of blue in every room. On my sun porch, I chose a denim sofa for its comfort, easy feel like a good pair of jeans. The barn wood star came from an old corn crib in Virginia and the metal decor on the wall is from my mother's home place and our time in Mississippi. 

The key to any home decorating is to gather together those things that you really like and that have a story. I could probably go around my house and tell you a story about pretty much everything we have in our home.  That's what makes decorating your "OWN" style. 

If there is a certain theme you want to add to a room, research it, talk to people that live in that area ( I consulted my good friend, Karen, from Texas), play around with pieces you already have and then decide what you want to purchase. Make it comfortable and useable! I don't have things sitting around in my home that can't be used. (That's why I don't have collections). Every piece I buy or find, I want to use it even if it is old. Make your house a home not a storehouse for untouchable things. 

According to Wodney Wat (the rat that couldn't pronounce is R's) "Go West" meaning Go Rest!
Enjoy your home and I hope these tips will help you WEST!

 Additional Texan Decorating Tips: (Tips from a true Texan-Karen Walters)
Aztec fabrics,
Barbed wire,
Tooled Leather,
Cow hides, and
Mexican Embroidery

 Simply Southern Western Style,