Southern Farmhouse "Western" Style

 We live in the SOUTH! I would consider Georgia the Deep South but we've also lived in Mississippi which is a true Deep Southern Bible Belt state. 

We live on a 30 acre farm with lots of animals. I like to refer to it as a "zoo" because most days it seems that all I do is care for animals. 

We live in a small house that was built only 13 years ago, so not a historical farmhouse, but a plain house that we are slowly turning into our little farmhouse. 

As I think of decorating our home, I really like to go with simple, clean, white (with a few splashes of color), historical features with touches of farm style. Farm style would consist of old heart pine wood, antiques (but not too many), galvanized metal and cast iron, old quilts, white dishes, enamelware, and SIMPLICITY! 

I was inspired by  KING RANCH www.krsaddleshop.com to discuss how I would incorporate a "western" style of decorating to our southern home. So, let's start with: "there are no rules for decorating YOUR home". You can mix and match any style as long as it's your OWN style! I love Pinterest for ideas but I only pull those simple ideas out that really catch my eye. Yes, you can incorporate any style at any time into your home. In this post I will share simple ideas to help you capture the "western feel" in your home decorating.