DIY Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is just as important as decorating the inside of your home. It's what people see when they first drive up. We wanted a warm and cozy, "come on in" front porch.  So we did a little refacing on the front of our house….. So "come on in" and I'll show you what we did!

This is what the outside looked like when we bought the farm. Faded black plastic shutters, cracked metal columns,  a front door that had seen better days AND a palm tree right in front of the entry way-a very random thing to find on "the farm"

We began by chipping the bottom of the columns off  so we could have a flat surface to work with. That's the hubby!

Next we removed the faded plastic shutters. Shutters are an easy way to add curb appeal- we chose to make new ones instead of buying pre made ones, that way we could get the custom look we wanted.

The hubby cut the pieces for the shutters and the columns. I sanded and stained them. TEAM WORK!

The hubby made our columns from the same cedar we used on the shutters. Using cedar gives it that rustic appeal and will with stand the outdoor elements. We chose Olympic olympic.com  stain-it's my go to stain. They have a variety of colors and finishes.  We chose a wood bark color. It's a lasting-no fade stain and with two coats it covered the wood completely.

We didn't want to finish the columns out with trim but chose to leave it simple at the top and bottom.

Don't you love the fern I purchased before we even finished our project. I though maybe it would speed things along….

We added a new wood door and stained it with the same color as the shutters and columns. I like things to match up. Adding a new front door was out biggest purchase but well worth the cost. It definitely completes the project.

The previous owners left two white rackers on the porch. I already had two black ones so I chose Olympic outdoor paint in black with a semi gloss finish to match my rockers. Nothing goes to waste around here!

Another important part of the project, after the construction was done, the landscaping needed some love. I planted lantana all across the front. I also added a rose garden in memory of my mom. After the project was completed, I found galvanized containers for my tea garden and various other plants on the porch. Plants say "welcome."

One last landscaping detail was the removal of the random palm tree. My daughter and the hubby spent days digging it up. Talk about a life lesson in hard work…

As any good country folk would do, we attached a chain around the tree and pulled it to the woods with the pick up. Good bye ugly tree!!!

This is the finished project. It took us a few weekends to get everything done but it was fun working together and making this house OUR home!

One last look at the before….

 Living "Simply Southern" on the farm!