Hi Everyone! I'm finally sitting down to the computer after a long hiatus from writing. I started this blog   three years ago because I like to write, take photos, decorate and offer encouragement. So out of my heart I started Antebellum 1862. The last ten months have been filled with grief and sadness. I'm still trying to put my broken heart back together, but in doing so, writing again brings healing. Our family lost both of my parents in 2015. The dates will be forever etched in my mind, March 28 and October 7th. These sudden and traumatic events caused us to lean on God more than ever and each other. My sister and I have had to take the reigns in caring for my special needs brother and closing the home estate of 53 years. It's been very trying at times. But today's blog is not to be a "debbie downer" but  to offer some sunshine!