This adorable solid wood kitchen set was being stored in someone's garage and was probably going to rot away there… but I bought it hoping to do a makeover. I have to confess it sat in my garage for months until I found the right ingredients to make this vintage set like new. Join me in the makeover and discover a new chalk paint company that I think you will really love….

This kitchen was in serious need of some TLC…..

I wanted to find just the right "vintage color" and I did. Funky Junk Sisters has a wonderful American made product. Dixie and Linda are two sisters that love all things vintage. They travel the country hosting a flea market called "JuNk SaLvAtIoN" These ladies know all about junking and repurposing! They began selling their own brand of paint in 2013 and sent me a can of paint and wax to try. The color they sent was totally a surprise and it was exactly what I was looking for to use on this makeover project. Check them out at http://www.funkyjunksisters.com

POOLSIDE MEMORIES is the color. Isn't it just a perfect vintage color? Here's what I did….

I cleaned and sanded the furniture down. It was grimy and very dirty with lots of nicks and holes. A good cleaning with TSP was definitely needed and a light sanding just to make everything smooth. You don't have to sand down your furniture before using chalk paint but I chose to on this set because it was such a mess.

I found this adorable scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby http://www.hobbylobby.com. I cut and glued pieces into the back of the sink and refrigerator and I put it on some of the shelves just to give it a pop! I added some accessories and made wooden eyes for the stove.

I wanted to make the pieces even more fun for children so I painted the front of the refrigerator with chalkboard paint (several think coats) and the inside of the stove cabinets. What kid doesn't love a chalkboard???

Here is the beautiful "poolside memories" color. It's a great brand that goes on smoothly. I applied two light coats to give it a more solid color. I didn't distress the pieces and I used a clear sealant over the color. The Funky Junk Sisters brand offers wonderful bright and well.. funky colors. I'm 100% sold on their product!!! It's affordable and I hope you will try it!

I hoping to do more projects for these wonderful ladies. Junking made fun with American made products-it can't get any funkier than that!

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