Building an outdoor deck is a great weekend project. The hubby and I completed this project in 2 days and we love how it turned out. Our yard is very small and there was a low spot that needed some love. Not much grows there because of the tree coverage and the ground sloped making the space un-level. So we decided to build a small  free standing deck. Join me as we show you HOW TO BUILD AN OUTDOOR DECK….

Finding the right lumber is very important. You want treated (to prevent rotting) lumber and pieces that are as straight as possible. Sometimes the wood will sit on the racks at the lumber store and become warped- a crooked board doesn't work! We bought 8 foot pieces so we could custom cut them at home. However, if you know your measurements, the store will cut them for you. I like to use power tools so I do my own cutting!!

Next, take your measurements of the space you want to build your deck. We had a small area so we chose a 8X4 deck so our adirondack chairs could be used as seating. We measured and cut the boards into 4ft. pieces. 

We built an 8 ft long by 4 ft wide frame for our top boards to fit on. 

We placed the boards on top (not yet nailed down) so we could decide if we wanted the boards to be flush to the frame or have a little bit of an over hang. We chose the flush fit.

We put it together (not nailed down yet) on the sidewalk to make sure it all fit together.

Then the fun part…. the hubby graded the ground area and he used cement blocks to get the deck level.

Using deck screws and an electric drill (because our portable one died) I attached the top boards on the frame. It was a great workout!

Using power tools can be such a great stress reliever! I felt like a powerful woman when I finished.

This deck is a small 8X4 free standing deck that can be easily moved. Most porch decks would be secured into the ground with cement footings, etc. 

We used an outdoor stain sealant to finish the deck. I applied one heavy coat even though two coats are recommended. I didn't want the color super dark. We let it dry overnight.

When applying stain, make sure you go with the grain with slow even strokes. I used a paint brush to apply the stain. You can use a rag after using the brush to pull out any heavy strokes.

After letting the stain dry a few days, we were able to enjoy the finished project.  

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