My obsession with "Duck Egg Blue" began about three years ago when I discovered a piece painted in this exquisite blue color in an antique store. I have always loved blue. It's very calming and peaceful and well, it just screams coastal! We live close to the ocean and coastal blues are my favorite. But 'duck egg blue"-there is no other color like it!! Step inside my home for a look at just a few (there have been many more) projects with my love affair of duck egg blue…...

Now, I am a furniture painter and there are just some pieces you DON'T paint. Well, this is not one of those. This was my great grandmother's desk and over time the stain had become orange and faded yellow. Not very pretty at all but the wood grain had the beautiful tiger's skin finish (swirls). I debated long and hard whether to paint it. This was my first piece I painted using the duck egg blue chalk paint (Annie Sloan). And, well, it started the craziness of painting almost everything in our home blue. I think my Nannie would love how this turned out-she also loved blue-so this piece is a homage to her!

Then came splashes of the gorgeous blue on smaller pieces throughout my home. This was a large thrift store glass frame that I turned into a chalkboard. I painted the wood frame blue and chalked the glass. Easy Peasy!

Next came furniture painted in blue for clients and my flea market booth. It was a hit with everyone. This was a twin bed headboard and we added the bench seat.

The piece I struggled with the most was this one! It was my grandmother's and very old. But the dark color was so dark it almost looked black. It didn't really match my decor and the thoughts of stripping it and re-staining it to a lighter color made me cringe. Thoughts of my grandmother rolling over in her grave because I painted this made me laugh but you know it was worth it. Painting it really revived it and I love it. I would rather make a piece beautiful and use it than store it away never using it because I was afraid to recreate it!

My wonderful Savannah client loves blue too. She painted her walls a topsail blue and I painted her furniture white and yes, you guessed it-duck egg blue. She loves the coastal blues too!!

I am now in the process of transforming my dining room table and chairs. I started with these two chairs to see if I would like it. Yes, I want it all blue now! What is it about this blue color?? To me it's my absolute favorite color -it makes me happy for some reason. Maybe it's because I love spring time... and the ocean... and the beautiful blue skies and baby blue birds… and duck egg blue!!

Don't be afraid to embrace your favorite color. If you love it and it invokes a sense of happiness in you, then I say Go For It!! You can always paint over it !

Happy Painting!!

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"