Keep the SON shining

Hey my southern ladies, oh how I have missed you!  It's been over six months since my last post. I have to be honest and say that 2015 has been one year I can't wait to close out. From losing a dear friend at a very young age, then the sudden death of my mother and then six months later the death of my daddy, this year has really been about loss. I am still working through the grief but felt led to write to you again. Maybe my walk through this journey will help someone else out there that is experiencing loss as well. So, come along with me and let's take a walk and talk a little. I promise it won't be all sad. I need to focus on some happy and you make me happy. Over the next several posts I will share some of my experience, funny stories and of course my passion-decorating tips!



This adorable solid wood kitchen set was being stored in someone's garage and was probably going to rot away there… but I bought it hoping to do a makeover. I have to confess it sat in my garage for months until I found the right ingredients to make this vintage set like new. Join me in the makeover and discover a new chalk paint company that I think you will really love….



I love to decorate……… but I especially like decorating with free stuff!! It's like an adrenaline rush for me. The hubby and I are always junking and on the lookout for something free… And, well we don't mind looking in the trash dumpsters or grabbing something that's left by the side of the road.  Join me today where I will share some secrets to decorating with freebies.

Everyone has flowers and plants growing outside of their home. Take advantage of those natural freebies and display them in your home. Get rid of that "Fake" stuff and bring in some real nature!

We found the rusted metal shelf at a yard sale ($3) almost free so why not turn it into a beautiful piece of art. Above the BEACH sign is a broken palm frond that I found in the woods… looks like an arrow to me.

How about pallet wood from the trash turned into a planter. We love free lumber!!

This great find was sitting by the dumpster and was screaming for some attention. We turned it into a headboard for a neighbor.

Pine cones are the best freebie decorations ever!! They just lay all around on the ground and come in all shapes and sizes. And so many uses for them too- cinnamon ones at the holidays, spray painted for ornaments, crafts for kids and fall decor in a bowl.

We found this beauty by the side of the road in Savannah. It was a mess but we stopped and shoved it in the back of my CRV. We brought it home and I painted it with a refinished top. Don't be afraid to grab something by the road or dumpster. It's going to the big trash pile so why not "recycle" it!!

Another great freebie are books and magazines.. so many possibilities. I used an old choir book to create this musical banner for my daughter's room.

Sometimes you can get a deal at a yard sale if you wait until closing time (usually around noon). People don't want to pack up what's left and take it to the thrift store or even store it again in their homes. They want their junk gone ASAP. Many times you can ask to take some things off their hands and they will just gladly give it to you. Books especially are a hassle so you can get a free box of books. They make great displays and add lots of color to a space. You can even turn them around to the paper side for a more neutral pallet.

My favorite freebies are things from nature. Fresh greenery, sticks, rocks, shells, logs, driftwood, and even wild flowers. 

Be creative when it comes to decorating with freebies. If you aren't sure what to do with the freebies you find, check out Pinterest for clever ideas. I hope this post as helped you think outside of the box!




I have a slight obsession with letters. Maybe because I see them everywhere and it's super popular. After painting our upstairs, I have hesitated as to what to display on the freshly painted palette. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I had been buying letters for a long time and they were stuffed in my decorating closet waiting for a home……. Come on in and I'll show you how to create a Letter Wall!




Building an outdoor deck is a great weekend project. The hubby and I completed this project in 2 days and we love how it turned out. Our yard is very small and there was a low spot that needed some love. Not much grows there because of the tree coverage and the ground sloped making the space un-level. So we decided to build a small  free standing deck. Join me as we show you HOW TO BUILD AN OUTDOOR DECK….



 My obsession with "Duck Egg Blue" began about three years ago when I discovered a piece painted in this exquisite blue color in an antique store. I have always loved blue. It's very calming and peaceful and well, it just screams coastal! We live close to the ocean and coastal blues are my favorite. But 'duck egg blue"-there is no other color like it!! Step inside my home for a look at just a few (there have been many more) projects with my love affair of duck egg blue…...