Welcome back to the Bass home for the "Real Christmas Home Tour!" After the house has been cleaned to perfection and staged for pictures using the excellent afternoon light- the real story unfolds. After a photo shoot, life happens again. We live in our house and do not live in a perfect world. I thought it would be fun to show you what our home really looks like….

 The cookie tin is almost out of cookies because of the little rats that live in my house and just can't walk by without having yet another cookie. There will be none left by the end of the weekend, I guess I'll be back in the kitchen baking more.

Poor Elvis-he's been stuck in the same place for four days-someone forgot to move him each night to a new place! Yes, the kids have noticed!!

The beautiful fresh greens I cut over a week ago are starting to dry out even in a little water-it's time to refresh with new branches!

Did I mention that the hubby and my daughter have been down with the fever flu all week? This is what my living room looks like, tissues, cough drops, and sleepy heads!

Kids crafts.. because it's fun to drag it all out for about an hour of fun and then shove it in the back bedroom in the middle of the floor!!

Please help yourself to the Christmas candy! Oh, wait a minute-it's gone! Candy doesn't last very long around here! … empty candy dishes (so disappointing when you reach for a piece).

Unfinished Christmas projects! Well, I had some great ideas but never got them completed-maybe next year I will get them done???

Bags of gifts to be wrapped and delivered to our adopted family sit patiently in a chair-ugh!

Christmas is simple! Jesus is simple! I don't won't to miss Him this season so things are moving slow around here. With the flu bug in our home for a week, we have had to slow it way down. School and work missed-plans cancelled, no cooking because no one wants to eat (that's a good thing), resting, napping, stuck in bed for days….

But, I am thankful. I am thankful for a family I can care for in an imperfect home! Christmas isn't about perfection in our homes. It's about being with the ones we love and caring for them-GIVING of our time! God gave us His Son! What will you give? Let's be real this Christmas-I am imperfect. I do not always have "it together" like my friends think I do. I struggle with sin, I need humbling, I need JESUS!

Even my favorite new ornament is imperfect-his little ear broke off! 

We have armadillos in our neighborhood and they are very annoying-
so why not hang one on the tree, right?

Merry Christmas from the Bass family!