Welcome to our home, Part 2! I see so many wonderful decorating ideas out and about but I honestly don't have time to do all I want to. I actually started early this year preparing and gathering the essentials but I still haven't done all the cute little touches. So it's a simple year for decorating and that's okay in my book. Christmas is simple! Jesus' birth was simple! So, we are keeping it simple this year. Come on in and look around…..

 I collect any thing galvanized and hoard it away because I just know I can use it for something some day. Well, those little buckets I found at the thrift store for .25 each are finally coming in handy. I placed fresh greens (free from Lowe's) and red ornaments in the bucket. Simple and super cheap!

Can you say "Monogram it!" I found these placemats at the Dollar Tree and had them monogrammed locally. Bring out those Christmas dishes and use them to decorate around your home. I like to fill bright dishes with candy-of course it doesn't last long! (we love chocolate)

I have been putting this sign out for 10 years. I bought it when we moved to Hattiesburg, MS and it is a special reminder that home is where your heart is no matter where you live. My husband found the silver cup at the thrift store-it's actually from a horse show dated in the 1980s. I keep my baking staples out on the counter during the holidays because there is much baking to be done.

Yes, I have a stool on my kitchen island. Why not? It adds height to this space and is a great conversation piece. My husband's grandmother used this stool so much that she replaced one of the legs with an old broom handle. I love the chippy green and red paint (original). I added my favorite galvanized bucket- an old Purina feed bucket. Growing up on a farm, things like this are exciting to me. (old.vintage.rusty)

I love to embellish things-basically take what I have and add a little more to it! We have lots of deer horns from years of hunting and greenery from the woods. I stuck the horns all around the chandelier giving it a woodsy look.

Pictures capture the years of special memories! It's so fun to see how our girls have grown up through the years. The clay nativity was made by my youngest in 2nd grade. This area is my favorite because it's those special little things that capture your heart personally.

We have lots of old books. Books can add a lot of color or help create a certain color scheme. I used our neutral colored books with greenery and berries to add a little Christmas cheer.

Our home is small and cozy. This is where we do most of our living! We read, play games, dance, watch movies, fellowship with neighbors and friends and eat in this open space. I just realized we haven't hung our stockings!

We love our home. We have lived in many homes over the years because of job moves. But each house has been a home because we make it home. Home is where your story begins. It's a place that's safe and peaceful and relaxing. In our family, we all tend to be "home bodies". I think that's great because it means everyone loves being here. Our home doesn't have to be big or fancy. We like simple durable furniture because we have kids and pets. We want people to come over and throw their feet up on the coffee table and feel right at home. Twenty years ago, we started out with very humble beginnings and we have tried to honor that time in our lives by living with grateful and humble hearts. 

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"