Welcome to the Bass Home Christmas Tour. Because we live in a very wooden neighborhood and because of our love for nature, our theme for decorating has been about bringing the outdoors inside. Come on in and enjoy our little cottage in the woods…..

Our skinny 9 foot tree fits just right by our staircase. The chair is the thrift store one I recovered a few weeks ago. Ruby Rose of course steals the picture. She's such a poser!

I love simple decorating with pine cones and fresh cut greenery from the woods. The plaid  reminds me of a hunting lodge- this is fabric from a dress I bought at the thrift store.

This ornament is one of a set of 12 that my mama made for me. P. Buckley Moss is an artist from Virginia that illustrates the life of the Amish people. Her style of art is simple and beautiful. Because I'm a big fan of her work, my mama took a brochure with sample pictures in it. She cut the pictures out and put them in adorable little frames. It's like having little paintings hanging on my tree!

I am  a children's book collector. These are my Christmas storybooks and I love to read them every year. I put them in this vintage powder box and set it beside the fireplace so the kids and guests can grab a book and read by the fire.

This is my fireplace filled with candles and a mirror behind them to illuminate the candles when they are burning. I used fresh greens and fake berries for a holiday style. I use burlap everywhere to accent my decorations. I love the brown burlap, white candles, green spruce and red berries. Christmas colors!!

Each year we pull out the Nutcrackers and it's so fun to remember when and where we got them. We've been collecting them throughout the years. I like to display collections together because it draws your eye to the group and keeps you interested visually.

This is the centerpiece of our home. It's why we celebrate Christmas! This Nativity was given to me by my uncle many years ago. I love the vintage ceramic set sitting on an old piece of barn wood. It reminds me of the simplicity of His birth.

As you can see, our decorations are simple with special things displayed around our home. Christmas is about meaning. What's the meaning of Christmas for you? Is it the hustle and bustle of shopping? Is it all the baking and yummy food we consume? Is it about getting stuff?? 

Christmas is Christ to me. It's about giving through loving others. Not just financial giving but sincere service to others in need. It's about loving people right where they are in the simplest of forms, like a note, or praying with a neighbor, fixing a meal for friend, sitting with a senior citizen to provide them with companionship, or simply telling someone how special they are to you. Christ came in the most simplest of births and He is a King! He wants us to appreciate the small simple things in life because he is right there in them. Don't miss out on the simplicity of Christmas!

Please stop by next week for Part 2 of our home tour. I'll have the hot cocoa steaming hot waiting for you and a plate of cookies of course…..

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"