Is it time for Christmas decorating already? Well, yes it is if you want to be ready and enjoy the season instead of stressing out! I love to add new elements each year to my Christmas decor and I especially like to create simple and inexpensive things to put around the house. With the expense of Christmas shopping, baking, parties, etc. we shouldn't have to spend a lot on decorations. Join me for a simple wreath for under $10 that you can make in less than an hour.

I like to use the Dollar Tree for my craft projects. I found these frames there and they are the perfect size for my new wreath. I spent $9 on 9 frames and that's all I spent. I used a small wreath I already had-don't buy new ones when you can take apart an old one or even find one at the thrift store you can undecorate costing you almost nothing. Always "fluff" your wreath. My wreaths tend to get smushed in the attic so a little fluffing brings new life to it.

I chose Christmas words and typed them on the computer using different fonts. I like the look of varying fonts-it adds some pizazz to the wreath. Pick a size that will fit your frames. I took the frames apart and used the glass as an outline to center the words then I cut them out.

Fortunately, these cute little frames had holes on the back stand and that's what I used to run twine through it so I could attach the frames to my wreath. 

I wrapped the twine all the way around the wreath securely tying it in a bow. Let the bow stick out a little on the wreath to give it a rustic look. You can use any kind of small ribbon to tie your frames on the wreath.

Next, I added some berries that I had on hand from another Christmas project but you can purchase berries at the dollar store as well. The red berries break up the greenery and adds some Christmas color to finish off the project.

Now, wreaths can be hung pretty much anywhere you want them to go. I found an old hook and attached it to this old piece of wood I had and hung the wreath on it. I wanted something different than the traditional wreath on a door.

You can display the wood wreath decor anywhere in your home. I set mine on an old Coca-Cola cooler on my porch. You could put this piece in front of window, on a dresser, on a shelf or even on your kitchen cabinet. Because it's attached to the wood, it can be a statement piece in any room.

Don't spend a lot on decorating this season. Enjoy being creative-go shopping at your local dollar store and see what you can come up with- I bet you'll come up with some amazing ideas!

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"