It would be fair to say that I'm a regular at our local Goodwill store. I frequent the place so much that I have three friends that work there that know me by name and they are always curious as to what I'm "up to next!" I don't mind because shopping at the Goodwill provides people with jobs and I get to buy cheap stuff that I can turn into a DIY project. Join me for my latest adventure…. RECOVERING A CHAIR.

 This chair had been sitting at the thrift store for several weeks and no one was buying it-why??? I had looked at it several times but the price was a little steep for a project that may or may not work ($35). So like any good hunter-I waited…… Yay! It was marked down several times because one of the legs was loose and well, it was just an ugly chair. I stole it -I mean bought it for $15.

Broken things DO NOT deter me from buying them. It can always be fixed and if I can't fix it I live with someone who can- "the Hubby." I (not the hubby) glued the legs back together-doesn't it look suspended in air?? I covered the front part with drop cloth to see if that was the look I wanted and yes-it was starting to come together nicely!

Now I'm no dummy! I had done a little research on recovering furniture before I started this project. But I don't care how many You Tube videos you watch and how many tutorials you read, when it comes down to doing it-well, every project has it's own story.  I wasn't about to strip the fabric off and start over. The fabric was in good shape and not very dirty-I simply vacuumed and upholstery cleaned it to freshen it up. 

I had to do sections at a time and let me just say that I did not do this all in one day!!! I did pieces at a time over two weeks. I'm a person of little patience and a short fuse and if I had tried to do it all at one time, well, it would NOT have been good for me or those that live with me!! 

Piece by piece I cut patterns for each section and stapled on the chair. To secure the staples I hammered them in to make them super tight-finding a wooden surface to staple to was the key to securing the fabric.

I painted the legs in old white chalk paint-I think it brightens the chair up quite a bit. The finishing touch was the trim work. I hid my staples with this pretty trim I found at Hobby Lobby. I also used the hem from the drop cloth as trim to cover areas on the bottom that didn't need fancy trim work. My motto-use what you have! 

The chair is almost complete-I still have to sew the seat cushion and will add trim to the piping to complete the project. (For now -drop cloth is just wrapped around the seat cushion)

The total project cost me $50.

TRIM $15

Will I do this again-probably but not for a long while!! Next up  I am painting a chair with automotive upholstery fabric paint-wish me luck!!!

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