The art of letter writing is slowly dying due to technology. It's quite sad to see our children not even able to write in cursive anymore. If cursive writing isn't being taught in the schools then how will our future leaders sign their names. I am reminded of the most famous signature in history, John Hancock. His beautiful script is remembered hundreds of years later. What will be remembered a hundred years from today-texting symbols "LOL" or "BTW"? I think we are reverting back to thousands of years ago when people didn't have an alphabet system so they drew pictures to communicate in writing.

I was taught to write thank you notes for gifts or special gestures (that's just the southern way).  My mother has always been a wonderful letter writer. She has a beautiful script but she is also thoughtful in her words she writes. I remember being a child and Mom sending cards to the sick in the hospital, to an elderly shut in at home or a special note to a friend. As, I grew up and went to college, those handwritten letters in the mail always came at the right time to warm my heart.  

Letter writing takes time and time seems to be what people don't want to spend to send kind words to someone. The written word is something that can be tangible and cherished for a long time. A quick text or email doesn't have the same personal touch as a handwritten letter. 

Back in the earlier days, I can imagine the many love letters that were probably sent between soldiers and their girl back home. -what a legacy to cherish and to share with their grandchildren one day.

The website Hand Written Letters has some useful tips and videos to improve writing, it also shares some of the history of hand writing. (Worth a trip to the site)

Writing is a craft and it's a personal expression of your heart. 

I was browsing the thrift store (imagine that) and I found this tray. I loved the shape of this tray but not the paint. I wasn't sure where I would use it when I bought it. Because it is somewhat deep-I knew it would be great for several items to hang out on it.

I decided to make a letter writing tray, one that will sit in a special place visible to every one. It will visually remind us to write a letter and if all the supplies are there-that makes it easier too.

I always clean used things I buy-get those germs off!! If you are going to spray paint, the surface needs to be free of dirt and grime.

I spray painted the inside white and the outside black-I was going for the tuxedo look. I love how the bottom crackled on its own. You never know what will happen when you spray paint.

I added a beautiful scripted piece of scrap book paper to the inside. I have found with spray painted metal-the paint tends to scratch off easily. I cut the corners of the paper so it would fit in the tray.

I used Mod Podge http://www.modpodge.com to glue it in place. I covered the bottom of the paper and fit it in the tray wiping it flat to remove any air bubbles. I then sealed the entire top of the paper with the Mod Podge so it would stay in place and protect the paper from wear and tear.

I completed the tray with note cards, a pen, address stamp and ink pad, and mailing stamps. No excuses for not writing a letter-everything you need is on the tray.  This tray cost me $3 and just a little of my time. I used things I already had on hand. It's really priceless because think of the blessings I can share with others simply by writing them a note.

Southern style is a simple gesture but packed with genuine love!

If you are like me, my handwriting has become jumbled through the years of sloppy, quick writing. I teach my daughter cursive in homeschool so I took my own advice and have started to relearn cursive! I use a child's cursive handbook to script letters properly then I copy long passages of scripture in my cursive handwriting. It has taken months to get a rhythmic script going again.  But it is so worth the effort and I hope the art of hand writing never disappears!

Get inspired and set up your own letter writing station or tray and write!!

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