rooms with a view

Rooms with a View was an event presented by the Telfair Academy Guild. It hosted a weekend of "southern style." Top designers from Savannah came together to share their secrets to decorating by designing small vignettes in the Telfair Museum. I was so inspired by each designer and their varying techniques of design. I learned that decorating can be elegant, expensive, simple and inexpensive. It's about YOU and what you like in your home.

I want to share with the simple things I learned from these amazing designers. A room needs a jumping off point. Ask yourself, "what do I want this room to do?" Once you decide the room's purpose, "jump!" 

This room was designed by Paula Danyluk, the owner of The Paris Market & Brocante. Paula was so down to earth and shared how she became a self taught designer. (This gives me hope because I do not have a degree in interior design.) She chose to design her room around entomology, the study of insects. I was naturally drawn to this room because I have a beautifully displayed bug collection in an oak case ….. in my laundry room-every room needs a "wow' factor and my laundry room screams bugs! (Is that a good thing or bad?-oh well)

Paula chose this room to be an entomologist's office space because the south is about bugs, right? Nothing says the south like cicadas and sand gnats!

She had the bookcase designed and built by a team of people and I'm sure it cost a fortune but on that expensive bookcase she has a piece of artwork she did- simple cicada shells glued on a board and painted gold (can you say inexpensive decor). I love how you can pair something very expensive with something as simple as Paula's bug shell artwork.  Don't be afraid to pair old with new, cheap with expensive,  hand crafted with the handmade. 

Another special treat in this office space was the gold painted horseshoe crab shell. Paula's friend brought her this shell from the beach. She painted it and attached it to a wooden stand and now it's gorgeous "expensive" looking decor!

Gail Lawrence and Narissa West Brown from Georgia Furniture & Interiors designed this elegant room. This was by far my favorite and I think it was because of the colors. The large buffet in the back is actually navy blue-hard to tell in this picture. Navy-orange-silver (maybe Auburn University colors)

Let's talk about layering. Gail and Narissa layered this room with colors and textures that speak to our senses. The textured rug and wall paper reflects the "touch" sense. The glass table and gold accents bring light to the space appealing to our visual senses. The pops of color from the curtain panels and floral fabric give the room that warm sense of belonging. I felt so fancy in this room!

The one design "trick" I have been saying all of my life and it was affirmed by these top designers is:

"Get rid of the fake flowers-(they are dust collectors!) Bring life into your home and space with natural, breathing things like these beautiful fresh flowers. As Gail said, "If you have to go out in your yard and pull up some blades of grass and put in a bowl-do it-at least it's living!"

John Deering of Greenline Architecture & Homeline Architecture chose do to a man's space. His muse was a stormy night! He crafted a navy blue tent as his room space then filled it with what a man would need if caught out in a storm in his "man tent."

Going with the stormy theme-he used a large natural photograph as the wall paper back drop. He brought in elements that a man would have in his space such as a desk, books, and maps. He used neutral tones like gray and navy and textures like the cowhide rug and fuzzy pillow. Born and raised in the south, John sums up the southern man in just a few words, "booze and books." Not pictured in this picture was the small bar sitting beside the gray chair. 

Southern style has many dimensions like elegance, layers of light, textures, your favorite things, natural elements, and southern hospitality. You too can create a southern style space in your home. Don't be afraid to use what you like.  Create a space that makes you happy and welcomes guests into your home. It's your home. When someone walks into your home, they should know who you are by what they see. Remember, that "one size does NOT fit all!" Find your own style and stick with it-let it reflect who you are. 

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"