I love vintage stuff!! And vintage kitchen stuff is just down right fun! Now, I'm not a gourmet chef like my sister-in-law, but I do like to cook for my family. I like to dish up southern meals and especially treats. I think what I really like about cooking is the kitchen decor. My kitchen is filled with vintage pyrex bowls, jadeite pieces, white dishes, vintage mixing bowls, antique blue willow dishes, vintage spoons, etc. 

Maybe that's why I like to be in the kitchen-not to cook but for the cute kitchen decor!

In Savannah, there is the cutest kitchen store (vintage I may add) on one of the squares.

It's called Kitchens on the Squarehttp://www.kitchensonthesquare.com

It's the neatest place to visit. It's bright and happy. 

Who doesn't want to grab a colander when you walk in to use as your shopping basket? 

So creative…...

 It really rocks my world because it's kitchen decor.

Of course they offer functional things to actually use for cooking. 

But why cook when you can just have a cute kitchen and you can wear a vintage apron! Right?? 

Who's with me??

This wall is my favorite. It speaks my decorating language! These are hand towels from every state. And because we have lived in 3 states-I can totally appreciate this wall!  Each towel has the shape of the state and major hot spots for each state is creatively printed on the towel. (You've probably seen pillows made like this).

Need I say more-I am a crock pot queen. 

It's how we roll at least four nights a week at my house because of extracurricular activities…….

These cuties are a blast from the past! My mom had the brown stripped one when I was growing up!

This is where Cookie Monster takes a bath! 

A claw foot tub filled with tons and tons of cute cookie cutters. All shapes and sizes and things- like shoes.., snowflakes.., piggies…, and I even found a squirrel shaped cookie cutter.

I love this bright blue painted hutch! It screams Happy! 

But look what's on the top of it-antique cake plates. There are some very beautiful ones. 

Do you see the jadeite mixing bowl tucked in the middle? 

Shall I buy it??

 Of course!!

Life is sweeter in the South especially in Savannah at Kitchens on the Square!

Do you feel inspired to bake now?? 

I'm off to the kitchen to use my vintage mixing bowls to bake up something sweet for the family!

Simple Home "Cooking" Southern Style"