Today, I am highlighting my husband's creative side. I would say that he is an artist. We all have a little artist in us. We each need an outlet from the everyday grind of work so, the hubby loves to sit in his workshop and create. Create what, you may ask? Well, junky robots that are whimsical and an expression of his creative side. 

Teaspoons for hands and a tea tin body- Tea anyone?

He has an eye for certain objects that he can make into really cool things.

The dog above has been very popular and he has sold several dog creations. I just love his feet- spoon paws!

The taller robot is actually a metal clip lamp he turned into a woman. Don't you love her earrings and big hair!! Very southern!

This is one of my favorites because he used really old parts to make this very industrial robot.

 I love that is head is a voltmeter.

My husband combs yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales to find parts that would be fitting for a robot creation.

He and my youngest daughter have joined together in this little adventure. They love to hang out and make these robots. They have made quite a few. Each one has a little story or a special meaning. Sometimes, they even name these junky creations.

I love that my husband is taking the time to share this with our daughter-he's making memories with her that are priceless! 

This glass jar robot was made especially for me for my 43 birthday-see the clever #43 inside the jar. It sits on my night stand and holds my glasses.

The wooden/wire octopus was made by my daughter-it's a cutie! It's unique home decor that no one else has in their homes.

Art is the expression of the artist. I believe we all have a creative side. God is the Creator and of course, He's creative-look at what He created out of nothing. God made us to be creative just like Him. Sometimes, we just need to slow down and create! We need to tap into what God has gifted us with and use it!  

Simple Home Creating "Southern Style"