Ruby Rose, that's the name my daughter gave her golden retriever puppy. As a gift for her 16th birthday, Mackenzie (my daughter) and Ruby Rose have become fast friends! Ruby Rose has done nothing but bring us joy and laughter since we got her.

Today's blog features Ruby Rose, "a dog on a blog."

A girl and her dog-such a sweet relationship. Retrievers are known for their loyalty and calm temperaments. I can honestly say as a dog owner all of my life, Ruby Rose is the best dog we have ever had. Dogs bring such companionship to your life. I love dogs because they love unconditionally-something we should all do.  No judgement, no criticizing, no un-forgiveness, just good old fashioned love! 

Ruby Rose came to us 7 months ago. We drove 3 hours out in the middle of nowhere to get her. She was one of seven puppies in an "oopsy" litter. She was the first puppy to come out on the porch and my daughter instantly knew that she was the one. Whether Ruby was just "working it" to get adopted or she was just ready for her forever home-we aren't sure. But she certainly won all of our hearts!

It's important to spay or neuter your pets. We knew we were not going to breed her so she had "the surgery". Doesn't she look pitiful? And she worked the sad eyes during her recovery too. She had to wear the "cone of shame". It was so awkward for her but we certainly had a good laugh. She would run into the furniture and completely cover her food bowl with her lampshade when eating.

Ruby Rose loves to sleep. It's her favorite thing to do. She finds the strangest places to sleep. Her favorite spot is in the bed with my daughter. She looks like one of her stuffed animals. Sleeping by the toilet on the tile floor is another spot she loves. Because the floor is cool, she will snuggle right around the toilet with her piggy. We love to watch her sleep because she runs, kicks, jumps and growls while sleeping. It's quite entertaining!

Ruby loves to be outdoors but on her terms. My daughter runs and she was hoping to train Ruby to run with her. Well, Ruby is a bit lazy. Mackenzie sometimes drags her across the floor to head outside for a run- obviously Ruby doesn't want the exercise.  But once she is motivated-she loves to run down the path in our woods. She's a bit of a "blonde". She'll see a butterfly and skip around chasing it-totally distracted. She reminds me of the dog in the movie Up that gets so easily distracted by squirrels.

Ruby Rose is a poser to! She knows when the camera is out and she works it. I think she is quite photogenic. Ruby is loyal and has bonded with all of us but she especially loves her "mama", my daughter. Mackenzie has taken full responsibility for her. She baths her, buys her dog food, trains her and pays for the vet bills.  Mackenzie has embraced the dog owner responsibility with much ease.  I love to watch them together because Ruby really does listen to Mackenzie. It's like they understand each other. I think it is a very sweet relationship and I'm very proud of how my daughter has embraced dog ownership.


Even though Ruby Rose did not come from an shelter, we have always supported out local shelters. Because we are dog lovers, we want all shelter dogs to find a home. We have the Human Society of Greater Savannah http://www.humanesocietysav.org. My daughter went through volunteer training there and we sometimes stop by to visit the dogs, something the facility encourages. You can walk through the halls and feed the dogs treats from the little buckets hanging on their pens. You can also take them out to a fenced yard to play with them. I love how they encourage people to come and visit the animals even if you aren't adopting. Dogs need love too!!

One thing I love about our humane society is that they run an amazing thrift shop. All proceeds  go right back into the shelter for the care of the animals.  It's called the Pick of the Litter Thrift Shop.

Here's some information from their website.

The Pick of the Litter Thrift Shop accepts donations of gently used items in good condition such as clothing, shoes, appliances, housewares, furniture, books, toys, electronics and jewelry.  Donations made to the shop are tax deductible and all proceeds go directly to supporting the animals at the Humane Society for Greater Savannah.
The Thrift Shop’s donation drop-off hours are:
Monday-Friday:  8AM-4PM
Saturday:  8AM-3PM
If you are unable to bring your donations to the Thrift Shop please Contact Julia Mason, Thrift Shop Supervisor at (912) 354-9515 ext. 115 to schedule a pickup.
Thrift Shop Business Hours/Location
The Pick of the Litter Thrift Shop is located on the second floor of The Humane Society for Greater Savannah at 7215 Sallie Mood Dr., Savannah, GA 31406.
The Thrift Shop’s business hours are:
Tuesday-Friday:  10AM-5PM
Monday and Saturday:  10AM-4PM
Also, please visit the Humane Society’s section at 37th @Abercorn Antiques for fine collectibles, silver, china and more!
- See more at: http://www.humanesocietysav.org/about-us/thrift-shop/#sthash.Dbn888hI.dpuf

Growing up we always got our family pets from shelters. We have always been supporters of adopting animals. If I could have my way, I would bring them all home with me! 

Help support the humane society and shop at our local thrift store or adopt a pet!

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