DIY Gift Project

When it comes to gifts, do you sometimes wonder what to do or have you simply run out of ideas?  I like to do something special when giving a gift even if it doesn't cost a lot.  Your heart can be expressed in the gifts you give. Yes, we can go buy gift cards and a card and those gifts are greatly appreciated, but it's the time and thought behind a gift that makes it special. Today, I am sharing a gift idea anyone can do….

 Since the holidays are coming, this little gift idea could be something special for a relative or a friend. 

What you'll need:

- any size piece of wood-your preference as to how big-any kind of wood will do
- transfer paper (can be bought at craft store)
- pencil
- hand sander
- painter's tape
- small bit of any kind of paint/color and a small dry brush
- quote, saying, verse, whatever you want printed out on copier paper
- clear wax or finish (spray or can)
- permanent marker-fine point

We have some wood that we tore out of an old farmhouse and this piece was a floor board made of heart pine. We don't like to use this wood unless we are making something very special. This project was a wedding gift for a sweet couple of "kids." I say kids because they were former students of mine and now they are all grown up and married.

What I did was sand the wood to smooth out the hairy splinters. I then dry brushed a very thin coat of white paint on the wood to give it a distressed look. I covered the board with transfer paper and held it in place with the painter's tape. Be creative when selecting a quote, verse or saying and use different fonts and sizes-anything goes!

I lightly attached the printed paper over the transfer paper. I took my pencil and traced each letter and completely shaded it so the letters would be transferred to the wood. You'll want to press hard so the transfer will penetrate the wood.

After I traced the letters, I removed the transfer paper and went over each letter with a fine point permanent marker so the lettering was bold. This step is a little time consuming. After tracing it with the marker-I added a clear coat of CeCe Caldwell's endurance finish just to give it extra protection. You can use a clear spray finish or a clear wax. The clear coat gives it a little shine and seals the project.

And there you have it ladies, a special and priceless gift! Embellish it in pretty wrapping paper and of course a "big" bow. 

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