This is our boring backyard entrance to our home. It's a tiny space and getting grass to grow there was a nightmare. After tossing around ideas, the hubby and I came up with a plan we both liked.  Join us for the makeover…..

We spent a whole day cleaning out this area. We hauled grass, dirt and bushes out of this space! My husband likes to give me physical labor projects-he says it build character, I say it makes my back hurt. But, he's right, some hard physical labor does build perseverance. We dug out all of the dirt and leveled the area. Whew!!

A level area for the side walk was precisely measured out by the hubby-he's awesome at these kinds of architectural projects. I'm the one taking pictures-that's my contribution when it comes to measuring things out (math-ugh)!

We put down garden paper to block weed growth and lined the walkway with stone we purchased from Lowe's. http://www.lowes.com

The inside of the walkway was filled with small pebble gravel-I like the color tones of the pebbles and the stones. 

A backyard makeover is not complete without Southern Living plants.www.southernlivingplantcollection.com

We filled the rest of the area in with pine straw. Since we couldn't get the grass to grow we liked the idea of using pine straw. The colors really make the walkway pop!

Not quite done with the walkway-the hubby wanted stepping stones. Instead of buying stones, he made  some from treated lumber pieces we had on hand-FREE!!

We used a Kreg jig to attach the pieces. www.kregtool.com

We used Olympic Elite Stain and Sealant in "mountain cedar" to complete the stepping circles. The color matches our porches we recently stained. http://www.olympic.com

With lots of scrap pallet word leftover, we decided to build a rustic pallet wood planter.

My cutie carpenter "the hubby" created an awesome planter. He's so smart!

We filled the planter with lantana and sunshine ligustrum-my favorites.

A two weekend project and lots of time spent with the hubby! I say it was worth it-especially working side by side with my man!!

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"