Today, I'm sharing a table makeover made simple! Traditionally I would have stripped this piece of furniture with a liquid stripping compound and scrapped the paint off-it's a tedious process but it gets the job done thoroughly. I want to share another way to get that paint off!  Come and join me in the workshop…


rooms with a view

Rooms with a View was an event presented by the Telfair Academy Guild. It hosted a weekend of "southern style." Top designers from Savannah came together to share their secrets to decorating by designing small vignettes in the Telfair Museum. I was so inspired by each designer and their varying techniques of design. I learned that decorating can be elegant, expensive, simple and inexpensive. It's about YOU and what you like in your home.


DIY Gift Project

When it comes to gifts, do you sometimes wonder what to do or have you simply run out of ideas?  I like to do something special when giving a gift even if it doesn't cost a lot.  Your heart can be expressed in the gifts you give. Yes, we can go buy gift cards and a card and those gifts are greatly appreciated, but it's the time and thought behind a gift that makes it special. Today, I am sharing a gift idea anyone can do….



Ruby Rose, that's the name my daughter gave her golden retriever puppy. As a gift for her 16th birthday, Mackenzie (my daughter) and Ruby Rose have become fast friends! Ruby Rose has done nothing but bring us joy and laughter since we got her.

Today's blog features Ruby Rose, "a dog on a blog."



Turning ONE is a special time for the birthday child but especially for the parents. They get to celebrate making it through the first year! Today, I am sharing the cutest little "campfire" party. My friend, Tari, is so creative and to celebrate her son's first birthday she planned a "campfire party". Her hobby is party planning and she has such talent for it.  Tari is also an amazing cook-baking is her specialty! So, when we were invited to her son's first birthday party-YES, we'll be there (cupcakes) and of course to love on the birthday boy!



This is our boring backyard entrance to our home. It's a tiny space and getting grass to grow there was a nightmare. After tossing around ideas, the hubby and I came up with a plan we both liked.  Join us for the makeover…..



The art of letter writing is slowly dying due to technology. It's quite sad to see our children not even able to write in cursive anymore. If cursive writing isn't being taught in the schools then how will our future leaders sign their names. I am reminded of the most famous signature in history, John Hancock. His beautiful script is remembered hundreds of years later. What will be remembered a hundred years from today-texting symbols "LOL" or "BTW"? I think we are reverting back to thousands of years ago when people didn't have an alphabet system so they drew pictures to communicate in writing.



Today, I am highlighting my husband's creative side. I would say that he is an artist. We all have a little artist in us. We each need an outlet from the everyday grind of work so, the hubby loves to sit in his workshop and create. Create what, you may ask? Well, junky robots that are whimsical and an expression of his creative side. 

Teaspoons for hands and a tea tin body- Tea anyone?



I love vintage stuff!! And vintage kitchen stuff is just down right fun! Now, I'm not a gourmet chef like my sister-in-law, but I do like to cook for my family. I like to dish up southern meals and especially treats. I think what I really like about cooking is the kitchen decor. My kitchen is filled with vintage pyrex bowls, jadeite pieces, white dishes, vintage mixing bowls, antique blue willow dishes, vintage spoons, etc. 

Maybe that's why I like to be in the kitchen-not to cook but for the cute kitchen decor!