Things That Inspire Me

What inspires your home decorating? There are lots of things I really like and I'm usually drawn to them. If you see something you like and keep going back to it, then grab it and use it in your home. Your homes should be a place full of things you like- it's part of your personality.

Your style should not be a place of copy cat decorating. Copy cat decorating is when you completely decorate a room using everything from someone's else's design. It's okay to grab a few ideas but when you transform your home to look exactly like your neighbor's -you kind of lose your style.

 Let your eyes guide you in choosing pieces to decorate with in your home. What sparks your attention? What draws your eye to something? Is it the color, the texture, the style??

 Today, I'm sharing just a few things that inspire my decorating….

Fresh flowers! My family will be the first to tell you that I do not like "fake flower anything"! My pet peeve is when people use fake plants on their porches then the sun fades them and they look blue-ugh!!! 

 My motto-use only fresh flowers. I pick them from the garden, buy them at the grocery store, sometimes the hubby will buy me a nice arrangement, and I even pick weeds and put in a vase,  but they are fresh!  All natural decorating….

Slip covers are all the rage right now. You know why?? Because you can take them off of your furniture and wash them! Yes, I have white slipcovered furniture with kids and dogs. 

The simple lines and fresh appeal of light colors makes my home clean and bright!

The older the better! I absolutely love chipping paint and metal tins from an antique house or church. This panel was bought in Atlanta at Scott's Antiques and came from an old home. 

There are so many reproductions out there today, but I still like the authenticity of an old metal piece.

If I could just change every door in my home to an old one I would. Old doors are so versatile to decorate with-they can be made into anything but they especially add character to your home even it is a new home.

 Bringing the old into the new is double thumbs up in my book.

Chipping paint! This chair has it's original chipping paint-years of wear coming off in layers. It has been sealed with a clear coat to preserve this look and the old paint. 

Hardwood floors-need I say more!

It's good to know your style- my style is the Ernest Hemingway cottage style. (Yes, I made that up). Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West and his style was leather, shutters, and palm trees. I love that look and I use a lot of it in my home. He had books everywhere, slipcovered furniture and lots of splashes of color but yet a simple cottage style! I like the old world meets the beach cottage style.

Simple tips for finding your style:

1. Look through magazines and clip things you like.

2. Pinterest has a wealth of ideas-start an account and create decorating boards. 

3. If you are shopping-take a picture of an item you really like-if it's expensive in the store, explore ways you can create it for less.

4. Borrow ideas from your friends but don't copycat! Make it your own.

5. What are your favorite colors? What color do you always come back to?

6. Make a list of what you like and don't like.

7. Google styles and see what category you may fit in…

8. What places do you like to visit? Is it the beach and why? 

9. What shapes do you like? -square clean lines-probably a modern style.. soft curves and circles-more of a cottage style.

10. What textures do you like-soft, hard, metal, fuzzy….

Decorating your home can be fun and super simple! Just start with a few ideas and pull together your style. Once you have a style direction have fun creating, shopping and putting it all together in your very own design! 

What inspires you?

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"