Less is MORE Project

I am wrapping up the 30 day Less is More Project a little early. It's truly been a journey for me over the past month. Honestly, I don't feel like I have reduced much in my life. I'm still distracted with the noise of life. However, the noise has grown softer over the past few weeks. From de-cluttering closets to spending more quiet time with God, this journey has shown me that life can sweep us up and away, and we don't even realize it. 

The things that should be important to us become clouded by the busyness of life. I'm learning to prioritize and have a God plan when my feet hit the floor first thing each morning. 

I've learned that it's okay to sit down and read a book in the middle of the day. I've also learned to take a nap-if you feel like you need one, take it! It's your body screaming for some down time.

As a family, we have realized that "stuff" burdens our house (space) but also our home life. So many distractions can take us away from what's important-each other! We are one of those families,(probably the minority), that actually sits around the table each night for a meal. It could be PB&J's but it's our family meal time. And that time is precious!

Our project of "Less is More" was spawned by the pens we found in our house-192 laying around to be exact. That's utterly ridiculous! That's 48 pens per person for a family of four. Do we really need that many? No! So the project began and we began looking for excess in our lives. We discovered we had 168 magazines in our home. What??? Physical clutter was all around us-in our closets-clothes, medicine cabinet-outdated meds, kitchen-dishes, cereal boxes in the pantry and home decor-I literally undecorated. Visual clutter can cause unrest and a chaotic life. Everyday, I found myself picking up stuff and putting it away-this takes time and energy. If it's excess then I am just wasting time with excessive stuff-so we purged!

 As we walked through this physical change I was able to clearly see other aspects of my life that were cluttered such as my spiritual life. Yes, we can have too many churchy things going for us that we lose sight of God! I decided that an earlier morning with more prayer, Bible study and God time was extremely important in calming this crazy overfilled life. As things have slowed some, God has showed me to live freely by playing and relaxing. I'm such a planner that I believe the world will stop if I don't keep it spinning. This kind of attitude is exhausting!

The biggest life lesson for me during this project is that quiet time with God is the most important thing in my life because He settles my heart! And when I say quiet time, it's not always Bible study time. It's a quiet meditation before God. Even Bible study can become something we do and we miss the blessing of "just being" with God.

I have de-cluttered my house (still working on this) and stopped buying stuff we don't need and focusing on having less!! We sponsor a child in Kenya and he lives in a hut. He recently asked us to pray for him because he needed a pair of shoes! If that's not humbling I don't know what is!

It's all in the attitude we walk around with each day. If we live with the Less is More attitude-we'll start to see what's really important and life will be more peaceful.

I encourage you to do the 30 day Less is More Project. In the next 30 days seek out ways you can live with less so you can live with more! Even you don't do the project, at least take a moment each day and ask yourself what can I live without today or how can I quiet my spirit today? Breathe-life is too short!! 

Go sit on the porch and have a glass of tea! That's where I'm heading right now….

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