Decorating for fall doesn't have to be expensive. The fall season is a great time to use what's outdoors  (it's free) to decorate with in your home. I absolutely love white dishes. I'm probably a little over the top when it comes to buying white dishes.
If I see a cute bowl or plate, I'm going to buy it (of course it has to be from either the thrift store or a yard sale). Estate sales are the best place to buy white dishes. Most estate sales are coordinated by an outside company that sells the items for the family. The last day of an estate sale is the best time to shop. Yes, things are a bit picked over but usually everything is 1/2 off!! I have scored some beautiful white pieces for super cheap!

Bowls don't have to be just for cereal! Pull out those white bowls and put a pine cone in it and boom-you have instant cuteness! It can be displayed anywhere. This one is going in my guest bathroom. You could use this as a place setting too-just tie a little name card with twine to the pine cone.

I love to pull together a collage. I found things that created a theme- library/art room. I used my creamer for old paint brushes and filled a serving bowl with store bought nuts (for natural color). I pulled together some old books and a few decorative pieces I had lying around (like the stamps, napkin, twine and vine ball) and created this fall decor collage. Be creative and create your own collage-give yourself a theme and then go hunt your house for stuff to put in it! I love to shop my own house!

Table setting with pizazz. I used a plaid tablecloth paired with a dinner plate and salad plate. I placed a dinner napkin between the plates to add some color and put the grapevine ball right in the middle. These are easy to find at any craft store and super cheap. You could even make a little place card and tie it to the vine ball.

Ladies, every southern woman should have a white sugar and creamer set in your home. It's a classic look even if you don't drink tea or coffee-I assure you someone will come over that does. I bought this set at the thrift store for $3. It's plain and simple and we use it all the time. Come on over and have some tea on my porch!

Fill a bowl with pinecones or nuts. The white bowl pops against the dark brown pine cones. I love to layer colors-the tan nuts, white bowl, dark brown pinecones and then a splash of color with the tablecloth. When decorating a table-layer it. Start with the table cloth-if you use a colorful one like I did here-then use solid colors on top. Or you could use a solid tablecloth and use patterns and prints in your dishes and accessories within the layers - Just don't let it get to busy then you lose the layered effect.

Well, that' just a little fall decorating using white dishes and things around your home. Decorating can be simple and inexpensive. My biggest tip for fall decorating is to bring the outdoors inside. Go outside and collect pinecones, sticks, nuts, green branches,weed flowers and decorate your home. It's free!! 

If you don't have white dishes and want a set go to The Dollar Tree. They have hob nailed (pearl) plates, bowls and mugs-you can even order them online. 

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"