Blogland Tour

Welcome to Blog Land! 

This summer I attended the Haven Conference which is a DIY blogger conference held in Atlanta.  Hundreds of ladies rallied together to learn, share, teach and hang out for the  weekend. I met two wonderful ladies at lunch one day. Janette and Jordan created a mother/daughter lifestyle blog about 3 years ago. Their blog is unique because Janette lives in Kentucky and Jordan lives in New York but together they write this amazing blog. I love how the mother /daughter team decorates their home, gives their readers simple decorating tips and shares some amazing recipes!   http://www.the2seasons.com

I love how they took this IKEA dresser and and gave it some new life! The blue paint and simple stenciled numbers makes all the difference in the world. So simple but so beautiful-Just how I like to decorate!

I hope that you will check them out-you will just love what they share……………….

As a part of Blog Land I was asked by Janette and Jordan to answer a few questions:

1. What am I working on?

Well, as of right now I am working on my guest bedroom. I am hoping to cover one whole wall with plank board and paint the room. Painting and design detail make a room makeover simple. I won't need a lot of decor once I get the plank wall up. I'm also learning to recover furniture. I've been itching to do this for awhile!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My blog has been through a metamorphosis over the summer.  Because I was born in Virginia and have lived in the deep south, Mississippi and then Georgia for the past 10 years- I claim to be a Southern Girl! I think I qualify… My blog is about simple home living "southern style." It's a place where you can come and be southern for awhile. I think it's important to find who you are and go with it! Be the real you! I love the south and I really wanted to incorporate my love for the south in my blog. I do projects and share recipes, and share my faith but most of all share life with my readers! It's important to make that connection.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I love womanhood and the fact that all of us ladies need each other. We all seek a "sisterhood." I call my readers the "southern sisters." I write because I want to relate with other women and share life together. God made us to be a part of a people group and as women we really need that sisterhood to make life's journey inspirational.

4. How does your writing/ creating process work?

I always have a notebook with me. I'm old school and I like to write things down. I have learned that you just don't throw something together for a blog post but that you truly must put your heart and soul into it.  If I am inspired by something I want to share it. If I've found a great inexpensive decorating tip, I must share it with my ladies. And if I have a gigantic project happening I can't wait to share it and hopefully inspire others. Life is about sharing with others. Writing is an expression of me and it helps me create something beautiful.

Thanks for joining us through Blog Land. I hope you have learned a little more about me and why I do what I do-it's because of you, ladies! 

Please jump on over and check out The 2 Seasons-these ladies are truly an amazing team!

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"