Kennedy's room was in desperate need of a makeover! She can be sort of a pack rat and the room was busting at the seams. 

Time to clean out and clean up………….

Kennedy's room has two doorways, two closet doors and a window-not much room for a whole lot of furniture. Her large queen bed took up most of her floor space. It felt tight and not very relaxing…….

So… we made her a new bed out of an old door, old pine flooring from a farmhouse, a pallet, and tin from an old barn.

The built in desk is a wonderful feature of our home but it can also become a dumping ground. Visual clutter is clutter!! Time for some organizing………

A fresh coat of paint and a clean desk-minus the clutter gives the room a fresh start! I added baskets for organizing and for hiding her treasures. I didn't hang a lot of things back on her walls. Because her room is taken up by doors, I wanted some empty space to make it look bigger.

She still has her favorite things displayed around her room but we only put a few things out instead of all of it. It's good to rotate them in and out to reduce the clutter. (There's my Nannie's antique dresser whitewashed with chalk paint.)

We selected new curtain panels (Target) and instead of the customary department store curtain rod that usually sags in the middle and doesn't last-we installed  a pipe. It's sturdy and will last the test of time!

Lamps give visual height to furniture and they can also add a warm tone at bedtime. I am a bit partial to mercury glass and this lamp goes well with her antique decor.

I was going to wall paper the back of the bookshelves, however, it was going to cost a lot more than I wanted to spend.  Instead I painted a chalkboard below and added chevrons at the top to give it a splash of fun! 

We shopped her room and the house for things to display.
 She and her daddy make robots together-this is one of their designs.

Kennedy's makeover included ……

New wall paint (1 gallon- $24)
New curtains ($50 for 2 panels)
Pipe for curtains ( $50)
Chevron pillow cover ($8)
Orange Blanket ($12 on clearance)
Chalkboard paint (used what I had-free)
Baskets for storage ($15)
Metal Letter ($15)
Painted dresser (free-used what I had)
Accessories (free-used what I had)
New knobs for the dresser ($15)

Total: $189

Total room makeover for less than $200!!

You don't have to break the bank to update a room…...

Helpful Hints:

1. Wall paint is the biggest change you can make to get a new look. When choosing a wall color-make sure you think about your space size. This room is small and has lots of doors so I didn't want to close it in with a dark color. I suggest bedrooms being soft colors to encourage relaxation. Kids need a place to go and unwind. 

2. Shop your home for accessories and linens. If you have to buy things-look for sale items. Some things you don't want to skimp on like the pipe curtain rod-this was a little expensive but will last.

3. De-clutter! Visual clutter can distract from a beautiful space. You can have stuff but it needs to be neatly organized and displayed or a TV show may be calling you to interview you about your junk (you know what I mean). Throw away-donate and store away special things.

4. A good deep cleaning brightens a room up as well- wipe down walls and trim, clean base boards and deep clean carpets and wash the windows! It will smell good too!

5. Get creative-if you can't afford new curtains-make some. We originally had a drop cloth cut in half hanging at her window as her curtain (cost $9). Super cheap and easy!

I hope this room makeover has inspired you to get your home looking clean and simple.

 Simplifying your home equals simplifying your life.

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"