Bacon Pecan Shortbread

Nothing says "southern" like bacon! So why not do some Baking with Bacon.

Southern Sisters,

I have the most mouth watering recipe for you………. well, it's the next best thing to... I don't know shopping!! This recipe comes from the new 2014 Christmas with Southern Living book. I'm already thinking of what new recipes I'm gonna dish up during the holidays!



I discovered this old tool box in our workshop. It was so exciting to find all of these wonderful little treasures.  Um… What shall I do with them??? …..



I love old quilts, the kind that are completely made by hand from scraps of fabric and the stitches are imperfect. There's a story in each stitch. When I find a quilt at an antique store, I am immediately drawn to it and of course want to buy it. I have several old quilts I have purchased through the years.



Decorating for fall doesn't have to be expensive. The fall season is a great time to use what's outdoors  (it's free) to decorate with in your home. I absolutely love white dishes. I'm probably a little over the top when it comes to buying white dishes.


Blogland Tour

Welcome to Blog Land! 

This summer I attended the Haven Conference which is a DIY blogger conference held in Atlanta.  Hundreds of ladies rallied together to learn, share, teach and hang out for the  weekend. I met two wonderful ladies at lunch one day. Janette and Jordan created a mother/daughter lifestyle blog about 3 years ago. Their blog is unique because Janette lives in Kentucky and Jordan lives in New York but together they write this amazing blog. I love how the mother /daughter team decorates their home, gives their readers simple decorating tips and shares some amazing recipes!   http://www.the2seasons.com


Southern Living Idea Home in Palmetto Bluff, SC

Okay ladies, can I just move in today!!!

This house was gorgeous………..

Palmetto Bluff, SC is a southern secluded neighborhood village with large lots, water and beautiful homes. The girlfriends and I had a "girls day out"a few weekends ago and we ventured over to South Carolina to check this house out. It was worth the trip and the day was wonderful hanging with the girls!



Kennedy's room was in desperate need of a makeover! She can be sort of a pack rat and the room was busting at the seams. 

Time to clean out and clean up………….


Antique Dresser Makeover

I was given my great grandmother's oak bedroom suite many years ago.  It brings so many childhood memories back to me and I'm honored to have the pieces in my home. Well, the furniture has never been refinished. It was still in it's original state when I got it. So over time, the finish began to peel off and turn orange. It desperately needed some TLC. (It's probably 50 years old)


Things That Inspire Me

What inspires your home decorating? There are lots of things I really like and I'm usually drawn to them. If you see something you like and keep going back to it, then grab it and use it in your home. Your homes should be a place full of things you like- it's part of your personality.


Less is MORE Project

I am wrapping up the 30 day Less is More Project a little early. It's truly been a journey for me over the past month. Honestly, I don't feel like I have reduced much in my life. I'm still distracted with the noise of life. However, the noise has grown softer over the past few weeks. From de-cluttering closets to spending more quiet time with God, this journey has shown me that life can sweep us up and away, and we don't even realize it. 


A Garden Market

During the summer, our family visited St. Simons Island. It's a wonderful beach town with great places to eat and lots of great shopping. As usual I had my camera with me (which drives my kids crazy) and I snapped a few photos of the cutest little store, The Vine. In the South, we do things on a grand scale (like big hair) so when it comes to plants-we do Big! Step inside this market and see for yourself… 

If you are ever on St. Simons Island, stop by and meet Joy-she'll be the one putting together gorgeous topiaries!