Southern Sisterhood

During this summer break from school, I've been doing some soul searching in hopes of  finding my life rhythm.  I started writing this blog a year ago this month and I'm a little OCD about things so I thought a one year reflection was due.

As I have prayed and searched for "my rhythm" this summer, I have to admit at times I wanted to quit what I've been doing- painting, decorating and blogging, but God just wouldn't let me. It was all becoming too much-stress was taking over and as the saying goes "if Mama ain't happy-nobobdy is!" Honestly, I have had some sleepless nights, and I suffer from chronic neck and back pain- due to, you guessed it-tension! My chiropractor told me that I am just an uptight person. Well, that certainly hit a nerve (no pun intended) but it was something I definitely needed to hear. God speaks to us sometimes through people and He spoke to me through my doctor. (Thank you Dr. P for your honesty!)

Starting the blog last year and focusing on getting my business off the ground really took a toll on me and my family. This last semester of homeschool was nutsy-yes, because of me! I was physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually a wreck by the end of May. Needless to say, we all needed a summer break. So, the reflection began and boy has it been hard! You know when you get real with God , He will get real with you. My prayer all summer has been theses verses:

"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life." Psalm 139:23-24

I chose to take the long walk with God through the ups and downs of this soul searching journey- it's in those low places that you really can feel His embrace. 

Tonight, as I sat in church, I noticed a precious young lady (probably around my age-I still consider myself young) and she was signing to an older woman in the front row. And what a conversation they were having-with animation and lots of expression-I felt like I was eaves dropping and I didn't even know what they were saying. The younger woman was the interpreter for our service and the older woman was the only one in need of translation. I watched the interpreter as she stood facing the audience but totally focused on the older deaf woman.  She and the deaf lady connected through silent words! Oh, how my heart just flipped. Maybe I was being intrusive or maybe God wanted me to watch them, but what I witnessed was so precious before Him. The interpreter didn't want the deaf lady to miss a beat and she really gave it her all with full exaggerated expressions and gestures. I was in awe of her God given talent to speak loudly to a deaf woman through sign language. This precious young lady had come along side of the deaf older woman to help her hear! Face to face they worshipped "together". One hearing silence and the other hearing the very loud praise band joyfully worship, but they were connected.

Then I had the "aha" moment, I am seeking connection! Connection-what does that mean? 

As women we desire a spiritual connection to other women- women understand women. I like to call it the sisterhood. We seek "Sisterhood!"  That's it! I have been struggling to find my place in this blog and business world and there in church God laid it before me.

Do you seek a sisterhood? I remember a Beth Moore class years back, where she talked about women having their people, their own circle. Now, I am not saying an exclusive private group ( high school clique), but a group of women that you individually connect with on different levels. I can name a small group of women that are my people- my sisterhood. I go to them for advice, for spiritual wisdom, for things like parenting tips and recipes.

My blog and my business are about relationships, the sisterhood, not just about decorating. Decorating together has opened the door for building new relationships and that's where the connection comes.  I want to broaden my sisterhood-I want to get to know you and do life together.   What unites us is the fact we are God's beautiful creation-the icing on the cake-not the after thought-woman completed His creation.   Being my husband's helper, raising and teaching my children, building friendships, coming along side others, helping, serving, loving people and Jesus-these are my heart's desires. 

Will you take this journey with me?  Antebellum 1862 is a lifestyle blog where we can share and connect about all things "sisterhood and southern". Maybe we should call it "Southern Sisters!" ( that was a restaurant back home by the way). Because I have lived in the deep south over the past 10 years, I reckon I think I am an expert or something but the South is in my blood ( born and raised in Virginia).  We can't have a sisterhood without  some Southern soul and fried chicken! No matter where you live-come on over and sit on my porch and have a glass of sweet tea (or unsweet as I prefer) and..

LET'S HANG OUT and we'll ….

Decorate -because I absolutely love to decorate

Eat and share recipes-cook a little and eat lots!

Talk kids- I have teenage and tweenage daughters!

Share homeschool and school ideas- School is Cool!

DIY together-another of my favorite things

Shop- who doesn't like to shop!

Budget- yes-we need to talk about being frugal!

Go junking- the thrift stores are calling your name!

Travel-"oh the places (we) will go"-Dr. Seuss

Whatever else we feel like doing along the way

Let's just enjoy..

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"