How To Turn a Crate into a Chalkboard Box

A simple unfinished wooden crate stared at me for weeks. What to do with it?? I wanted it to be something fun and unique, possibly a gift for my niece that will be coming to visit. So I did a little brainstorming and decided to paint/stain it and then add a little chalkboard message.

Here is my cute little assistant staining the wooden crate. As you can see it's unfinished wood and just screaming for some paint or stain. I like to stain raw wood first then after it dries over night I use chalk paint to give it a distressed look.

I chose the Americana Decor paint from Home Depot http://www.homedepot.com. It's a great chalk paint line with very pretty coastal color choices. It has a great texture and it's creamy not watery. It completely covered the wood with one coat.

After painting the crate with the chalk paint, I painted one side with chalkboard paint. In this picture, it's just the first step into making it a chalkboard.  I applied 3 coats  of chalkboard paint, letting each coat dry an hour in between. I let the final coat dry over night. You want the chalkboard to set up and dry completely before writing on it. Some people season their chalkboards. It's not necessary unless you are using a chalk pen. "Seasoning" means that you run the chalk over the board completely covering it with chalk then wiping it off. It's basically seasoning the chalkboard with chalk. I did not season mine.

I was going to free hand draw a cute saying on the chalkboard but as I was looking on Pinterest for a quote I found some free printables! Light Bulb idea!! I enlarged the printable and printed it on a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. I then took the print and used Mod Podge http://www.modpodge.com to adhere it to the chalkboard. I covered the entire piece with the Mod Podge and applying it very thick at the edges so they would not curl up. I let it dry for about two hours. I went back over the whole piece with chalk to give it that worn chalkboard look. Super easy!!

Now, I have a super cute and super easy project to share with my niece! I think she will love it! Actually, I know she will because it's PINK!!

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