Reclaimed wood is all the rage nowadays. We like to call it recycling! We are not ashamed of scouring the dumpsters for pallet wood. Oh, the things you can make out of stuff in the trash!!

Because our family is on the Less is More Project for 30 days- our focus has been to de-clutter around our home and this included the yard. We have salvaged a lot of lumber from dumpsters. Storing it behind the house had become an eye sore-so it was time to put it to good use. 

This was a pallet the hubby took apart and cut down for the planter. We left the wood raw (no sanding).

The hubby built the bottom frame first to get it started.

Then he added the base boards-this will serve as the bottom inside the planter. I'm a real big help-standing around taking pictures-right?

He made a template for the base and cut it out of scrap wood and attached it to the bottom of the planter.

Now using the pallet wood, he attached these pieces to the sides. See how rough the wood is- but that's the look we wanted - rough and rustic!

The sides have been attached and look amazing!

To finish it off, he added a border around the top. This gives it a nice clean look even though it's rough pallet wood.

And what planter wouldn't be complete without the fabulous Southern Living Plant Collectionhttp://www.southernlivingplants.com We used yellow lantana and sunshine ligustrum (these are hot weather hardy plants) to fill the planter.  A planter should be full with thick bushy plants. As Carman from SL Plant Collection says,
 "Stuff and Shove!"

This little planter really completes our outdoor landscaping at the back entryway. We can use this planter for an herb garden in the fall-it's quite convenient to the house and will be easily accessible for picking fresh herbs.

Don't throw away your old lumber-use it -get creative-make something out of it- even if you aren't handy like my husband-share the wood with someone that is-maybe you could have someone build you a scrap wood planter!

Simple Home Living "Southern Style"