How to Create Dollar Store Welcome Gifts

How can you create a southern and classy welcome gift from things you find at the local dollar store?  Southern charm doesn't have to be expensive! Southern hospitality is about the heart behind a gift. It's not the size or cost that makes a gift special but the thoughtfulness you express. I love it when I get a little surprise in my mailbox from a neighbor that is simple because it says  "I care." I love to share those little gifts too-what a blessing it is to brighten someone's day by a simple token of kindness.  

I went to our local dollar store and bought a few things to make welcome gifts for some new neighbors that have just moved into our neighborhood. I spent a total of $10 and have several gifts to share. I would say that's super inexpensive! Again it's the thought and time you put behind the gift that shares the heart!

Dinner napkins and a small silver tray- silver trays, blue and white napkins-this is so southern-as the blue & white trend is just timeless.

Party plates and bright napkins-who doesn't need extra paper plates and napkins. Now my neighbor can have a special set for a party or just dessert after dinner.

Notecards- In the South, the hand written note is a very personal gesture. The art of hand written notes is becoming more and more obsolete because of technology. But hand written notes will never go out of style as their impact is very powerful!

Photo Albums-I actually found chalk board labels at our local dollar store. I bought a photo album and placed a chalk board label on the outside. It's a recipe book. You can get the larger index cards and write down some of your favorite recipes and put them in the album's photo pockets. Also, I used a smaller photo album for important information. If you have a new neighbor moving to the area from another state-write on large index cards important information like your contact information, dentists, doctors, restaurant suggestions, churches and their service times, local city information, etc. This will help make the move a little better transition into a new place.

Other suggestions:

Plants-Plants are happy and spread sunshine. What better way to welcome a neighbor than with a small house plant dressed in a bright "take out box" (these were in a set of 3 for a $1).

Bright box of goodies- using one of the yellow "take out" boxes, Make homemade cookies and fill the container and add a "sweet" note.The dollar store sells lots of cute boxes and tins that could also be used for baked goods.

I find it refreshing to create simple things by not using a lot of money. The focus is actually on the gift and not the money I spend! Get out there and share a gift with a friend or neighbor-brighten someone's day. "Just Because" gifts are the best!!

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