Happy Fall Ya'll

Well, it's almost September and that means the fall season is just around the corner. It actually means for us in southern Savannah, the heat of the summer! We don't really see a pretty change of seasons here like I did growing up in Virginia. It's hot here until the end of September and then things cool down just a bit. The leaves don't begin to change until late November.

But I love the fall anyway-no matter the temperature. Here are a few things to get you inspired for the season. Remember it's still hot for real pumpkins and mums here so I don't have any in my decor projects, but I will be adding some later as the weather cools down.

I found these felt pumpkins and leaves at the Dollar Tree and I had this scrap panel wood.

I spray painted a leaf and pumpkin onto the wood using leftover white spray paint. Because it's so hot here-well it was dry in like 2 minutes! I like quick projects like this one.

I can use this wooden panel in several different places in my home-it's quite versatile. When decorating for fall- think nature, outdoors, colors of the changing leaves, rustic, wood, metal-bring the fall inside your home.

I found this vintage football calendar (a reproduction-if it were the real deal-it would not be hanging outside) and thought it would look great on the front door. I'm not a big wreath on the front door kind of gal-so I try to find unusual things to display. What's fall without football! Go VT HOKIES!

I like to pull in bright greens, oranges, whites and tan colors. I love the all natural color scheme for fall decor.

I found this cute little bird at Villa- an upscale decor store on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah. I only paid $5 for it-that's a steal! They were having a clearance sale to make room for new fall merchandise. The garden tool was found at an estate sale and is from the 1950's-it was a dollar!

I like to add a little decor to our back steps-it welcomes people to our home! If the outside of your home is decorated nicely-people will anticipate what you've done on the inside! -(please neighbors don't come over just yet-my house is a wreck!)

Use some frames you have around the house and recreate a fall piece. I typed up this little message on the computer and printed and framed it-no cost at all!

I hope you are inspired just a little to begin bringing some fall decor out. I think the fall season gets lost sometimes because of all the holiday commercialism. The fall is my favorite time of the year- its a time to reflect on the bountiful blessings of the past year. Slow down, enjoy the fall-sit outside by a campfire, roast s'mores, go camping-whatever it is that makes you feel renewed.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

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