3 Ways To Use an Outdoor Deck

Weekend backyard projects are the best. Our backyard is super small and needed some  TLC so with a can of Olympic Elite Woodland Oil and a stack of treated lumber from Lowe's http://www.lowes.com-our minds were racing to all the possibilities of what we could do.

Our backyard slops down and sitting is a bear because chairs tend to fall backwards. We didn't want the chairs sitting on our very small patch of grass because the grass would die. So.. what to do?? Well, we devised a plan to build a small 6 X 8 deck that would be level with the grassy yard.

 Mel (the hubby) cut the lumber with a circular saw-I honestly tried but I just don't have the precision nor the muscle to get it done. But, I got to help put the frame together by hammering all of the nails in each board -this is a great stress reliever by the way.  As you can see the wonderfully level foundation that the hubby constructed fits perfectly in this small area.

I continued the stress relief by using an electric drill and about a million screws to attach the top boards. (I should use tools more often!) We let the lumber dry for almost five days-most treated lumber is wet and sits in stacks in the lumber yard holding water. I was amazed at the water that squeezed out of the wood as I drilled the screws in place. - just a little trivia for you! 

 Finally, this past weekend, it was time to stain it.

I used the Olympic Elite Stain and Sealant Woodland Oilhttp://www.olympic.com It is absolutely awesome!! They have great colors to choose from (we used mountain cedar). But the best part for me was the low to almost no odor! Because I have allergies, it can really be a "headache" when I'm working with different products so low odor meant no migraines! And clean up was super easy. I am a little messy when I paint or stain-I'm usually covered in it. I used gloves but I did end up getting some on my arm. Thinking I was going to church the next day with big dark colored spots on my arm because "I would never get outdoor stain off", I was surprised when it washed right off with a little soap and water-Yay!! I really like Olympic's outdoor products because they are durable and so easy to apply. The stain soaked right in giving us the desired color we wanted without streaking like some brands do. After a whole day of drying in the hot Savannah sun-our deck was ready. 

The deck was finished, now what? We came up with 3 easy options to give our backyard some fun flare!

Option #1: Backyard Stage

Of course, it would be a great stage for the girls to practice their music or perform, well whatever they want!


Option #2: Outdoor Movie Theater

The hubby suggested a movie theater-YES!! He made a metal frame that screws together for easy dismantling and attached a new drop cloth across it to create the perfect movie screen. I think there will be lots of movie parties at the Bass home now!


Option #3: Sitting Area

This cozy sitting area under the shady trees is just right for reading and relaxing with a glass of tea. We love the thick trees behind our house because it creates a natural fence for our yard.


This was a super easy and inexpensive two weekender project. You have to think outside of the box and of course Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/antebellum1862 really helps too.  Join us in our yard and let's celebrate Back to School with an outdoor party! 

Popcorn anyone?….

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