How To Make a Reclaimed Wood Day Bed

When you have a small garage turned workshop, we are always trying to find ways to use what we have so we can reduce the clutter. As our family has been doing the Less is More Project for the past 20 days, we have all reduced clutter, lighten our loads, slowed down and re-prioritized. We've been storing a lot of project stuff in our garage and we decided it was time to throw it away or use it. So this project build cost us nothing but our time. 


Happy Fall Ya'll

Well, it's almost September and that means the fall season is just around the corner. It actually means for us in southern Savannah, the heat of the summer! We don't really see a pretty change of seasons here like I did growing up in Virginia. It's hot here until the end of September and then things cool down just a bit. The leaves don't begin to change until late November.



Reclaimed wood is all the rage nowadays. We like to call it recycling! We are not ashamed of scouring the dumpsters for pallet wood. Oh, the things you can make out of stuff in the trash!!


3 Ways To Use an Outdoor Deck

Weekend backyard projects are the best. Our backyard is super small and needed some  TLC so with a can of Olympic Elite Woodland Oil and a stack of treated lumber from Lowe's http://www.lowes.com-our minds were racing to all the possibilities of what we could do.


"Less is More Project"

Hey Sisters! I have a question for you this morning….

Have you ever counted how many pens you have in your home? Not pencils and makers but just pens. Well, last night my family and I rounded up as many pens as we could find and the grand total was …. 192 pens in our home. Let's do the math. A family of 4 with 192 pens-let's see that would come to 48 pens per person (Yes, I used a calculator!) Why does one person need 48 pens?? We don't, do we? The point is that we live in a world of excess.


Southern Sisterhood

During this summer break from school, I've been doing some soul searching in hopes of  finding my life rhythm.  I started writing this blog a year ago this month and I'm a little OCD about things so I thought a one year reflection was due.


How to Create Dollar Store Welcome Gifts

How can you create a southern and classy welcome gift from things you find at the local dollar store?  Southern charm doesn't have to be expensive! Southern hospitality is about the heart behind a gift. It's not the size or cost that makes a gift special but the thoughtfulness you express. I love it when I get a little surprise in my mailbox from a neighbor that is simple because it says  "I care." I love to share those little gifts too-what a blessing it is to brighten someone's day by a simple token of kindness.  


How To Turn a Crate into a Chalkboard Box

A simple unfinished wooden crate stared at me for weeks. What to do with it?? I wanted it to be something fun and unique, possibly a gift for my niece that will be coming to visit. So I did a little brainstorming and decided to paint/stain it and then add a little chalkboard message.