Beautiful Barn Wedding

Nothing says "Love" like a super cute couple and a barn! I had the honor of attending a very sweet wedding over the weekend. Two of my former students (high school sweethearts) married each other in a beautiful yet simple wedding in Perry, Georgia.

The Green Bell Bed and Barn is a unique farm out in the country that provides a beautiful setting for weddings. It's like a step back in time to a simpler life when family gathered together on the farm.http://www.greenbellbedandbarn.com

The lush green grass and adorable barn was so inviting as we walked up to the wedding. And tucked inside the car were the bride and groom getting pictures taken before the wedding-no traditions here. It was all about the happy couple and the beginning of their new life together as husband and wife.

The weather had been very rainy most of the afternoon but as we all began to gather for the wedding and after much prayer from the wedding party-the skies cleared and the sun came out just in time for a beautiful evening wedding.

As you entered the barn, fans with the program printed on them awaited us in a vintage suitcase. Behind the suitcase were several galvanized buckets filled with sparklers for the send off later that night.

The wedding altar was a beautiful old mantel wrapped in fresh flowers and candles. Out back of the barn was an open pavilion (barn style) where rows of chairs lined the aisle as we all waited anxiously for the beautiful bride!

The ceremony was so simple and sweet! It was very fitting for the amazing young couple. There wasn't  a lot of the usual ceremonial distraction-it was sweetly centered around the bride and groom.

The decor was so elegant but so simple. Fresh flowers and candles, white milk glass vases filled with  flower stems adorned the dining tables. Simplicity is such a sweet aroma!

It's always refreshing to attend a wedding and here the pastor's message to the young couple. After being married 19 years to my sweet husband, it inspires you to rekindle the spark that never truly goes out. In this crazy world of materialism and distractions, it's so wonderful to step back in time and reflect on life, a simple life where love is at the forefront of it all!

Congratulations Joel & Abby Walters!