How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Whale

"Whale", it's about time I put something new on my blog. This was a super dee duper fun project with the hubby! Actually it was power tool school for me. My philosophy on the power tool thing-if the hubby is so talented in that area why deprive him of that honor to show case his skills, right? My sorry excuse for not really wanting to do it but I'm always a student so new skills are required every now and again. My Savannah client wanted a reclaimed wood whale for the huge blankness behind her sofa. No problem, I can do that-I mean I haven't done it before but it can't be that hard. And it wasn't-it was actually lots of fun and I'm taking orders for more creatures, like a sea turtle for my neighbor-I may have to make myself one too!

So, this is how I did it. I found a cute whale online and printed it. I am not an artist unless I'm looking directly at something-then I can draw anything. So I had to have a whale to look at- this one has good solid lines and not a lot of fancy twists and turns. I took measurements at my client's house so it would be the right fit on her wall. I sketched the whale to size on large drawing paper that I pieced together.

I had a little help from Ruby Rose. She's so nosy!!

After getting it sketched on the paper, I cut the pattern out. Now, I don't like to post pictures of myself but I chose this one because let's get real. This is what I look like when I'm working. We can all make our Instagram, Facebook and Blogs look so "perfect" because we have picture editing and lots of tricks to make it look perfect! Well, this is the real thing, right here! A junky garage that is my workshop, pinned back hair that is still in my face, no make up, sweaty clothes and a crazy tan. This is me-no editing!

We used wood panels from an old house and cut it to size so I could put the pattern on it and trace it onto the wood. This was my power tool lesson. I made a few cuts but not very straight-so the hubby stepped in to finish. He's so good at cutting!! -he's got the talent, remember.

I used four boards and laid them together to trace out the whale with a marker so the hubby could see the lines for cutting.

This is a fun little tool but again why deprive the master of his skills so the hubby cut out the whale. I told you it was a team project. I can't run my business without him.

Now, it's time to fit it together like a puzzle. Doesn't it look fabulous?

We glued the pieces together with Elmer's Wood Glue-it sticks like no tomorrow-it's good stuff. I know the hubby is painting the glue on too-but someone had to take a picture!

Boom! All glued together and held together with super strong clamps. The next day we added several small wooden braces to the back for extra support. I think the next one we make we will use the Kreg  jig to screw the pieces together for even more support.

I didn't stain or paint the wood. I  sanded it slightly to get the extra glue off and some of the stains. The natural wood is just perfect the way it is-not perfect. Hey, kind of like me and my life. Keeping it real today! I hope you enjoyed this little project with the hubby! 

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