How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Whale

"Whale", it's about time I put something new on my blog. This was a super dee duper fun project with the hubby! Actually it was power tool school for me. My philosophy on the power tool thing-if the hubby is so talented in that area why deprive him of that honor to show case his skills, right? My sorry excuse for not really wanting to do it but I'm always a student so new skills are required every now and again. My Savannah client wanted a reclaimed wood whale for the huge blankness behind her sofa. No problem, I can do that-I mean I haven't done it before but it can't be that hard. And it wasn't-it was actually lots of fun and I'm taking orders for more creatures, like a sea turtle for my neighbor-I may have to make myself one too!


How to Turn a Junky Closet into a Home Office

We have a double door closet that is the home to our "junky office." Things got thrown in there and the clutter began to climb the walls.  Thank goodness we could shut the doors on this mess! But, I like things to be organized and functional and I knew what was behind those closed doors. Since it's the summer, I wanted to get some extra projects done before school starts back. So, this closet makeover became a priority project. With any project I do, there always seems to be a little life lesson to be learned. Sometimes our lives can become like a cluttered closet and we just want to shut the doors.


"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful"

I like to go to our local Dollar Tree and browse around and have creative moments. I usually do this when I don't have the kids with me and I'm not in a hurry. I walk the aisles looking at everything and hoping something will jump out at me and say, "make something with me." Well, today I found this adorable little self adhesive wall quote, so thus a little project and life lesson unfolded.


Mondays with Mammy

Happy Monday! My daughter has been in the kitchen again trying out some of Mammy's original recipes. Well, some recipes are wonderful and some just aren't good. You know how when you find that super duper recipe on Pinterest that sounds and looks so good but after making it -it tastes awful. Well, this week's blog is about a little recipe that just didn't taste all that great.


Coastal Living Space Transformation: PART 2


This cottage style home is currently under "construction"- decorating construction that is. The walls have been painted and furniture selection is under way. Using things, my clients already has is one way to save on expenses. Take a look around at our progress!


How to Make a Bench Using Chairs

Do you have extra chairs and don't have a clue what to do with them?
 Well, here's a quick solution- make a bench!


Inspired Wall Decor

I've only been blogging for about nine months and it has really opened a new world for me. The wonderful blogs I get to read and the new people I meet are just a few of the blessings. It's cool how everyone encourages and shares ideas. Today's blog is about something I saw on someone's blog and just had to try it in my own home.


Coastal Living Space Transformation: PART 1

Come on over and check out this amazing transformation. With a little elbow grease, repurposing furniture, freshly painted walls and some fun family decor- see how we took this living space and turned it into a coastal oasis. Notice the wall paper mural- it doesn't go with the coastal theme we wanted! 


Mondays with Mammy

"Sweetie Lee", also known as Mammy ,was my husband's great grandmother. She was a matriarch of the family. She loved her family and loved for them to gather around the table. In honor of Mammy and my daughter's love for cooking, I will be hosting a series each week called Mondays with Mammy. Mackenzie Leigh, my daughter, will be dishing up something out of the family recipe book each week. My mouth is already watering for the next recipe!