Vintage Trailer Decor Photo Journal: PART 2

Vintage Trailers are the neatest little things to decorate! As I toured these trailers, the creativity of the owners shone through in their little travel homes. Welcome to PART 2 of the photo journal. Today, you will see more decor and how the owners take it outside of their trailers creating more living space. 

Original pieces of art adorn this cute trailer!


Vintage metal porch chair

Love the window boxes!

I think the truck makes this trailer a winner! 

Linens drying by the trailer

Party time!

My grandmother had a table and chairs like this set- it was her bridge table!

This lady was ready for a garden party or wedding- love the lighting!

Trailer decor doesn't have to be just inside the trailer-these folks brought the living space outside and it worked wonderfully! Each camping site space was maximized to make each trailer a little living space. We all want to claim a little piece of the world as "our home space". We decorate it with the things we love and make it a home. Even when camping you can claim your little spot in the world just as these campers did with lots of style. I look forward to next vintage trailer show! 

Happy camping!