Vintage Trailer Decor Photo Journal: PART 1

I am amazed at how a small vintage trailer can be transformed into a little slice of "home decor" heaven.  In this photo journal, you will walk into the cutest vintage trailers with bright colors, vintage accessories, beautiful linens, bead board walls, faux wood flooring and much more.  I hope you will come back and visit for Part 2-more decor and more vintage trailers! Take a look around-you might see your very own style in one of these trailers.

French Country



Even a stained glass window adorns this cutie!

My favorite-black and white floors and of course my favorite color-blue! Don't you just love the kitty clock on the wall?

Loving the phone!

Isn't this so fun?? I want to eat some fondue and read that 1970's magazine on the table!

Plates on a wall even in a camping trailer!

Hippy Style-Peace out!

These are just a few of the vintage trailers that were at the Tybee Island Trailer Trot a few weeks ago. It was a wonderland of style, personality and super fun! I hope you have enjoyed the photo journal. Join me again next week for more funky photos!

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"