It's Travel Trailer Tuesday and boy have I got the coolest or should I say the "grooviest" trailer for you today! A 1971 Carriage Pullman travel trailer. Okay, I have to admit that I am a 70's baby and for those of us that were born in the 70's we all have a little disco in our veins-don't we? Well, if you ever watched the Brady Bunch growing up, you will love this trailer.

Can we just bring back the orange, ya'll? This is like the grooviest color ever! Don't you just love the floral vinyl seats and handmade blankets? My favorite thing is the macramé owl hanging in the window. 

The couple that owns this trailer told us that they got most of the vintage decor from her grandmother's attic. They simply went picking and found a whole era in the attic. Boom-let's decorate our 1971 Pullman totally vintage! Owls everywhere-you know they were briefly back in style for awhile not to long ago. 

It was truly a step back in time. 

I ask myself, what were we thinking back in the 70's? Look at those mustard yellow canisters-whew!

How many of you can admit you either made one of these or you had one in your house?

Kudos to this sweet couple-they brought back some great vintage finds and gave us a walk down memory lane. Life is about having a little fun and Jason and Christy are certainly doing that with their 1971 carriage Pullman.