Travel Trailer Tuesday

It's Travel Trailer Tuesday! Glad you stopped by to check out these amazing homes on wheels. This week I want to highlight the history of the"Tin Can Tourist Club". Yes, there is a club of travelers that camp out in these adorable trailers and you will be amazed how long this club as been active.
The vintage trailer and motor coach club has been around since 1919. They were originally called house cars because people would use their cars to camp. Literally people would stock their cars full of canned food as the staple food for camping. Those that were not house car campers thought of the campers as gypsies. Of course they were not, just families getting together for some clean wholesome socializing. As more and more people loved the idea of camping with other like minded families the birth of trailers and motor coaches began. The purpose of the Tin Can Tourist Club was "to provide clean camps, friendliness among campers, decent behavior and to ensure wholesome entertainment for those in the camps." Annual gatherings across the country ignited a lot of interests among tin can campers. These gatherings became big events originating at the DeSoto Park in Tampa, Florida.
The Tin Can Tourists actually got their name from the rivalry between the hotels and the campers. The hotels dubbed the campers as "tin canners."

Something interesting I found from my research was about Billy Graham.  The story goes (as told by Billy Graham) that two ladies wanted to hold a Sunday night service but didn't have a preacher. So they asked Billy Graham (not known at this time) to preach. Billy Graham states, "From that night in 1938 on-my purpose and objective in life was set. I knew I would be a preacher of the Gospel." And that we all know is true because Billy Graham is one of the most influential pastors of our time.

Please check out www.tincantourists.com for more information. All of the information above from taken from their historical records found on their website. The old pictures are wonderful to browse through as well.

Be sure to join me next week for a 1970's trailer that will take you back in time!

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