When the weather gets warmer and the windows go up in the house to let in the fresh air, it's also time to freshen up the porch. Our house is only two years old and our porches were not treated when we bought the home. So, my super cute handy man "the hubby" scrubbed, cleaned, vacuumed and prepped the porch for stain. Any man that vacuums is a man to marry, right ladies?

OLYMPIC to the rescue! My husband sanded the clean porch and vacuumed it again-I just love it!! He used Olympic's deck cleaner and then applied a stain with sealer in it to protect the porch.

Olympic Elite Advanced Woodland Oil- a stain and sealant in one is what we used. The "mountain cedar" color we chose really accents the interior of our home. We have dark hard wood floors so we wanted something that would bring the surrounding woods to our porch.

The stain and sealant combo gives the porch a light sheen with a pop of color and a super seal against the outdoor elements.

Our vintage porch furniture looks so much brighter next to the mountain cedar stain on the porch floor.

We added our old kitchen table and chairs that have been in our attic just waiting for the perfect place. We spend so much time on the porch at this table. Playing games, eating meals together, doing homeschool-it's a central place our family loves to gather around daily. My girls told me the other day that "this home really feels like home"! A little foot note- we have been four homes in the past nine years. So for them to say this one really feels like home warms my heart so much!

A porch can really add warmth to a home. We are a family that loves to be outdoors and this porch helps us to enjoy the outdoors even when the sand gnats and mosquitoes are gathering for "the attack" in the yard. This porch isn't about the decor, it's about the family. Anything that brings a family together is a blessing. We are blessed beyond what we deserve and these precious family moments make life so much better! If you have a porch, go and sit and enjoy it. If you don't have a porch-find a place that everyone enjoys and make it  your family's central hub. Gather the family and make memories!

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"