Social Media Sisterhood

I began blogging in October 2013 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since. Being new to the word of blogging has had its challenges and rewards. I'm always a student so there will always be things to learn in the world of blogging. One of the greatest rewards are the friendships that bud through social media. I have to admit I'm an IG (we call it InstaG) freak. I love to to "do life" with other ladies that share my same interests.  I love to see their family members, there ups and downs, and their "great junk finds". I love to see them thriving in their businesses and growing in their faith. Blogging has opened a whole new world to me and one that is pretty awesome. Some people shy away from social media like Facebook and Twitter because they have had bad experiences or feel it's too "of the world". Well, I have to say, take advantage of the world's technology for good. There are so many wonderful people I have grown to adore because of social media. Other Christian ladies doing life right along side me is the beauty  and reward of connecting across the airwaves.

I have to shout out to some amazing women and I hope you will check them out!

Just a list of ladies I follow-some I have met personally, others I hope to one day meet.

These are just a few ladies that are an inspiration in my life not just in the decorating world but more so in the way they "do life". I'm blessed to have crossed paths with many of these ladies and I hope our journeys will continue to inspire others. Who inspires you? Don't be scared of finding friends on social media-it's a great place to be inspired and inspire others. You never know how you might influence someone's life.

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