Renovation of the School Room

When we first decided to homeschool, we had to make a decision about where to "do school". Being in a new home and every inch being used for something, I was faced with a challenge.  Having a space the kids claim as their school is a big piece of homeschooling. There was only one place that could work and it was the "closet attic" off of my daughter's room. Roughly scabbed in by the builders, this space was meant to be a closet or an attic. It had a tiny little window and it was easily accessible through the bedroom. My husband and I evaluated the space and decided we could do this renovation on the cheap and that's exactly what happened.  

This room only had insulation and no wall board and exposed duct work throughout the ceiling and floor. My husband framed in the duct work and we added the sheet rock to some of the walls. The large wall we added sheets of bead board.

What school room doesn't need a chalkboard? I painted the door with several coats of black chalkboard paint and it has become a fun place for the girls to create! The wall color was leftover paint used throughout our house.

Since space was limited, I wanted to use every inch we could. We built a small cubby for a bookcase we already had-it fit perfectly under the eaves of the roof giving us extra storage.

This was the existing bookcase-sort of blah! I bought a paper map poster from our local art store and cut it to fit behind each shelf and then sealing it with Mod Podge-don't you love that stuff?

I think it makes the bookcase come alive and this was my color pallet for the room.

In this picture you can see the bead board window wall. We also bought this super cheap laminate floor on clearance at Lowe's -easy to install and easy to clean.

I had two bookcases I put at each end of the room to balance it and to give us storage. I bought this table and chairs from a neighbor. It gives us plenty of space to work.

You can see how much space we need! 

The white bookcases on the right wall are made from boards "we recycled" from the trash containers on building sites in our neighborhood. Long 20 foot rafters were thrown in the trash-can't let that go to waste! So they became our bookcases-free!

With fun decor and lots of school supplies-the girls now have a place to call school. We have been in this room for a year and it has been a perfect little spot for us. We just cleaned it out and started to redecorate a little for the next school year. 

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"