How To Turn Goodwill Junk Into Home Decor

Do you shop at the thrift store looking for some cheap decor for your home but you just don't see anything that suits your taste? Well, look past what you see and envision how an item could work in your home with just a little TLC. I gathered a few fun finds and transformed them into "cheap" decor for my home. You can do the same.

I bought a ladies top (towel material) and made a few magical changes. First I sewed up the arms, then I cut the bottom off and stitched the bottom closed (stitch inside out so seam will be hidden). A great place for my clothespins. It looks like a shirt hanging on the line.

With the bottom of the shirt I stitched sides up to make a little outdoor pillow for my porch. This shirt cost me $1.50 (1/2 off) and I made two usable things for my home.
 Decorating doesn't have to cost much!

This is a trivet I found for .49. It's old and not really my style.

With a little white spray paint I already had- it's more my style now.
 I made it into a little mirror to hang on the wall.

 When I go to Goodwill, there are thousands of coffee mugs. Ugly ones, theme ones, holiday ones, just too many and no one buys them because there is a shelf full of them. Well, I decided there has to be something we can do to recycle these discarded treasures.

Ugly mug made cute! I simply painted over the fruit with chalkboard paint. It can be used as a mug or as a pencil holder in your school room. It could be a teacher gift too just fill it with candy.  This one holds my chalk for our chalkboard. It cost me .99.

This is a small cheese grater that I purchased for .49. It was kind of rusty and I didn't want to use it in food preparation. This idea has been on the internet many times and it's a great organizer.

I spray painted it and can now store my kids earrings on it. 
The smaller holes on the back side are great for stud earrings.

There are always lots of vases at the thrift store too. If you have some spray paint-use a gloss one and paint the vase. This vase was .79 and I used leftover spray paint.

The vase is now a nice coastal blue that matches my porch. I also spray painted the white mason jar that I purchased for .49. The joy box was a .50 find-more on that project on a later blog post.

Simple home decorating can be so inexpensive! Shop yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets. I call it picking and I usually pick several times of a week. I am fortunate to have a large Goodwill where I live and the turnover there is incredible. I can usually find something to use as home decor.

If you plan on doing projects like I just did-you may want to gather some supplies. It's good to have things on hand so when you find a treasure, you will have all the supplies you need.

Here's what I keep on hand in my workshop for simple decorating projects:

Spray paint- Wal-mart has paint for .97 per can
(I have a ton of colors)
Paint brushes-various sizes
Chalkboard paint- can and spray
Box of chalk
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Paint-(sample sizes are great)
Scrapbook paper
Sewing machine or no sew stitching
Stencils-all sizes

Don't let the "ugly" at a thrift store scare you away-
embrace it and turn trash into your treasure!

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"