Vintage Trailer Decor Photo Journal: PART 2

Vintage Trailers are the neatest little things to decorate! As I toured these trailers, the creativity of the owners shone through in their little travel homes. Welcome to PART 2 of the photo journal. Today, you will see more decor and how the owners take it outside of their trailers creating more living space. 


How To Turn Goodwill Junk Into Home Decor

Do you shop at the thrift store looking for some cheap decor for your home but you just don't see anything that suits your taste? Well, look past what you see and envision how an item could work in your home with just a little TLC. I gathered a few fun finds and transformed them into "cheap" decor for my home. You can do the same.


Vintage Trailer Decor Photo Journal: PART 1

I am amazed at how a small vintage trailer can be transformed into a little slice of "home decor" heaven.  In this photo journal, you will walk into the cutest vintage trailers with bright colors, vintage accessories, beautiful linens, bead board walls, faux wood flooring and much more.  I hope you will come back and visit for Part 2-more decor and more vintage trailers! Take a look around-you might see your very own style in one of these trailers.


What To Do With Goodwill Frames

I want to show you what you can do with picture frames you find at Goodwill. Our Goodwill always has a large amount of frames, I think its because people don't know what to do with them. You have to look past the ugly and see the simple beauty you can create. If you don't have a lot of money to decorate-go to Goodwill and buy some frames. I get frames for .50 to $7.00. My rule is not to buy any frames over $7.00. Frames are an easy and cheap way to fill a space, decorate a bookcase or even style an office. Remember, anything can be framed and frames can be painted!!


Renovation of the School Room

When we first decided to homeschool, we had to make a decision about where to "do school". Being in a new home and every inch being used for something, I was faced with a challenge.  Having a space the kids claim as their school is a big piece of homeschooling. There was only one place that could work and it was the "closet attic" off of my daughter's room. Roughly scabbed in by the builders, this space was meant to be a closet or an attic. It had a tiny little window and it was easily accessible through the bedroom. My husband and I evaluated the space and decided we could do this renovation on the cheap and that's exactly what happened.  



It's Travel Trailer Tuesday and boy have I got the coolest or should I say the "grooviest" trailer for you today! A 1971 Carriage Pullman travel trailer. Okay, I have to admit that I am a 70's baby and for those of us that were born in the 70's we all have a little disco in our veins-don't we? Well, if you ever watched the Brady Bunch growing up, you will love this trailer.



When the weather gets warmer and the windows go up in the house to let in the fresh air, it's also time to freshen up the porch. Our house is only two years old and our porches were not treated when we bought the home. So, my super cute handy man "the hubby" scrubbed, cleaned, vacuumed and prepped the porch for stain. Any man that vacuums is a man to marry, right ladies?


Travel Trailer Tuesday

It's Travel Trailer Tuesday! Glad you stopped by to check out these amazing homes on wheels. This week I want to highlight the history of the"Tin Can Tourist Club". Yes, there is a club of travelers that camp out in these adorable trailers and you will be amazed how long this club as been active.


Social Media Sisterhood

I began blogging in October 2013 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since. Being new to the word of blogging has had its challenges and rewards. I'm always a student so there will always be things to learn in the world of blogging. One of the greatest rewards are the friendships that bud through social media. I have to admit I'm an IG (we call it InstaG) freak. I love to to "do life" with other ladies that share my same interests.  I love to see their family members, there ups and downs, and their "great junk finds". I love to see them thriving in their businesses and growing in their faith. Blogging has opened a whole new world to me and one that is pretty awesome. Some people shy away from social media like Facebook and Twitter because they have had bad experiences or feel it's too "of the world". Well, I have to say, take advantage of the world's technology for good. There are so many wonderful people I have grown to adore because of social media. Other Christian ladies doing life right along side me is the beauty  and reward of connecting across the airwaves.

I have to shout out to some amazing women and I hope you will check them out!

Just a list of ladies I follow-some I have met personally, others I hope to one day meet.

These are just a few ladies that are an inspiration in my life not just in the decorating world but more so in the way they "do life". I'm blessed to have crossed paths with many of these ladies and I hope our journeys will continue to inspire others. Who inspires you? Don't be scared of finding friends on social media-it's a great place to be inspired and inspire others. You never know how you might influence someone's life.

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