Pies, Porches, Pillows and Flying Pigs

"When pigs fly!"

A phrase I heard for the first time 10 years ago in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It means it "ain't" going to happen! Well, after nine months of blogging, painting furniture, decorating, junking, selling and the list goes on- Burlap & Barn Doors is moving on up-the business is growing and I'm feeling blessed and stressed at the same time. 

Since, today is the first day of the month and of course the infamous-April Fool's day ( I'm really "type A" about starting new things on the first day of the month), I wanted to let all of my readers know that I have changed my business name. NO, this isn't an April Fool's joke. I'm serious about growing my business and a name change has definitely been in the works for sometime now. A fresh look, a fresh name and hopefully a fresh direction.

Antebellum 1862

Why this?

There is always a story behind things. And that's part of the reason for the name change-I love to know the story behind homes, things and people. Antebellum came to me because of it's southern charm. The word is just so "southern". In my research of the word, I found that it is actually a Latin word  meaning pre-war. Well, that's fun but I want to know more. When was it first used and why?

On June 14, 1862, Mary Chestnut, an author and wife of a commander during the civil war wrote it for the first time in her "Dixie Diaries", a documented journal of her life in the south during the war. She used the word to describe the large southern plantation homes owned by the wealthy. And it stuck-we still use the word today. Mary Chestnut was an affluent young woman and often traveled with her husband during the war to various outposts. She met many famous people like Robert E. Lee and spent time in wealthy plantation homes. In her diary, she documents her travels and life during the civil war.

I was totally intrigued by her story. I began to think about how I love the stories of the past. My husband and I do a lot of junking, picking, and antique auctions. As we come across unusual things, I always want to know the story behind a piece. Sometimes we get to hear wonderful stories, and other times there is no information available. I think a lot of our history is being lost because stories aren't being shared.

Antebellum 1862 will be a place of simple home decorating southern style! And lots of stories!

So stop on by and sit on my porch and share in all the,

Pies, Pillows, Porches and Flying Pigs!