Making Thrifty Pillows

Do you get tired of the crazy priced pillows in the stores nowadays? I do. I love pillows and the pillow aisle at some of favorite stores is where you will probably find me most when I'm out shopping. Now, I do have a little obsession with pillows so I am always looking for clearance pillows and things I can use to make pillows.

In this blog I want to show you how you can have some great looking pillows for half the price of store bought pillows. You have to think outside of the box and get creative. Every season I like to switch out my pillows or buy new ones so I can change the look in my home. Well, that can get expensive and if I bring another pillow home-well, let's just say I may be sleeping in the garage all summer.

I am using napkins, bandanas, and scraps of fabric to create some funky and fun 
pillows for my home.

I purchased two napkins at 40% off at Hobby Lobby to make a new pillow for the porch. Each napkin is the same size so it's quite easy to make a pillow from napkins-no cutting. Lay each napkin down-pretty side inward-sew three sides with your sewing machine-flip the pillow inside out to get the pretty sides showing. Next just add a pillow form or stuffing-I used a pillow I already had-so no cost. You can add a zipper so the pillow cover slips off easily for changing it out. I hand stitched the fourth side closed.

Here is the napkin pillow and the other is made from scrap fabric I had 
and some leftover stuffing-no cost at all!

These are two bandanas I also found at the Hobby Lobby. The bandanas cost .99 each. This was a $2 pillow. Use the same steps for sewing from above-quick tip-the bandanas are not always cut straight so your sides may not actually line up but you can correct that as you sew them together.

You can stuff your pillows as tight or loose as you want. This one is a loose pillow because it's great on the porch for napping-not too hard!

This pillow is made from a blouse I found at the thrift store for $3.50. Fabric can be expensive and I am always on the hunt for blouses and shirts with pretty patterns to use for making pillows (larger sizes and men's sizes work better).
 I cut this shirt down to make a lumbar size pillow.

Tablecloths, flat sheets, blouses, men's shirts, napkins, old curtain panels, and kitchen towels can be used to make pillows. Of course you can shop the clearance rack at a fabric store as well. I think it's more fun to use the unconventional treasure for pillows. You can make original pillows that no one else will have in their home.

Simple home decorating-Southern Style!