It's Travel Trailer Tuesday

It's Travel Trailer Tuesday! I'm so excited to share these wonderful little homes on wheels with you. This past saturday, my family and I went to the Tin Can Tourist Trailer Trot. It was a campground filled with fantastic travel trailers. It was like stepping back in time literally! We all had such a great time visiting with the owners and exploring these amazing trailers. I never thought I would ever want to own one but I can certainly see my husband and I traveling around in one like most of the people we met. Of course, our girls were totally excited too and wanted us to buy one right there on the spot!

The very first trailer we stopped at was this 1960's Yellowstone trailer. The couple was absolutely adorable! I think what drew me in was the vintage reds, blues and whites-the color combination is so popular right now. This couple has only had their trailer for a year and they completely renovated it. They went to a lot of trouble to capture the vintage time period and it worked quite well!

Don't you just love her apron!

The vintage camping gear was in such mint condition. I love the beautiful linen tablecloth.

The bead board walls, black and white checkered floor, blue cabinets, old handmade pot holders, a basket of vintage cooking utensils, and the vintage cake tin in the window are just my favorites!

Here's a better picture of the floor. Don't you just love the marble looking counter tops-so retro!

I just wanted to sit down and have lunch at this table with this sweet couple. Isn't it fabulous?

They even had their dogs in an old style play pen. It just can't get any cuter than this!

This is just one example of the lovely trailers we saw at the trailer trot. Join me next Tuesday for the history of the Tin Can Tourists Club and explore more trailers with me.

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